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  1. Please, please fix this quickly! I use Evernote business and this is a huge problem for my day-to-day work as I save all my business letters and documents in Evernote. The major issue is not the annoyance of having to open a .zip-folder and choosing the document, it is that work in progress is no longer saved after opening a .pages-document from Evernote, editing it, and then closing it again. So far I've been able to retrieve the changes from some temporary folder using Pages previous documents menu, but there's a HUGE risk of data loss! The zipped files are also "lost" in Evernote, their contents can not be searched. I went from paper files for each client to storing all data in Evernote tagged by client to be sure I had all data in one place: letters, e-mails, notes, billing information, related documents etc, and to get the benefit of being able to find what I need fast without going through hundreds of papers manually. I know you guys at Evernote aren't to blame for the changes in the new version of Pages, but please try to fix it as fast as you can, I don't want to go back to xeroxing all my letters and printing out all my e-mails for storage in huge paper files!
  2. Hi, I just started using Evernote as a GTD-tool and I am, as many others, missing the ability to get EN notes straight into my calendar as events, and to have automatic links to EN notes in calendar events. By googling I found the "Event noted" app, that seems to help with these issues and also participated in the Evernote devcup. It seems to add all the functions I've been missing in EN; I just add the "event" tag and a date/time in my EN notes and it immediately turns into an event in my iPhone/Google calendar, with a link to the EN note. My only concern is, why is it not featured on the EN website in any way and why are people not making more of a fuss about it? Are there any known security issues or other problems that I don´t know about, or is it just too new and "unfinished"? Does anyone know? / Anki
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