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  1. I have the same problem when moving notes between notebooks - running the direct download (not app store) version 5.0.6 on mountain lion. All my processing was done some time ago, so that is not the problem. Did anyone come up with a solution, or will there be a fix? I am afraid it is a sign of some database problem that causes errors sometimes when merging one of these out-of-place note with others.
  2. Assuming that no bug fix is in the near future, does anybody have any workarounds, or alternatives you use to get around this problem? I have some sensitive text encrypted, but I need to search it, so I have to unencrypt it every time I want to search (because the "view" instead of unencrypting option doesn't allow clicking outside the text, so prevents a search).
  3. While for the first 10 minutes I agreed, I quickly realized that with a day of building familiarity and some brief display customization, productivity is increased. As a hardcore productivity nerd, I first perceived the aesthetic focus as an iOS dumbing-down or cartoonish nonsense getting in the way, but it turns out the thoughtful improvements greatly eclipse the window dressing and I'm seeing improvements in access and organizing speed. To reclaim the old sidebar functionality: Drag your folders to the shortcuts section, and choose the option to display tags in a list in the left hand toolbar, and they will appear as they used to, nested properly ( @apricot13, all my tags beginning w/ "." or "!" are in the proper order, somehow yours must be reversed or buggy). Then the left hand bar will be largely as it used to be, with the bonus of customizable flexibility. All drag and drop functionality into the toolbar is the same, and you now just have extra organizing options. That being said, I noticed some lag/bugs with certain operations, most notably some reduced functionality when editing notes w/ PDFS in the main window, as opposed to popping them out in a single-note window to edit.
  4. I am still having this bug, is there any reason to hope that it will ever be fixed? Or, is encryption just not worthwhile if you intend to encrypt and unencrypt, because re-formatting entire notes regularly is not a functional option.
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