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  1. JMichael, i was running the download version when i first posted this. I'm now running the Beta version Marcus posted in the thread you referred to. Still having issues with performance, blank notes, slow to paste, slow to search - been over 24 hrs. so i'm thinking it's not related to indexing.
  2. Tried all of the above and still very slow on 6.0.3. Added features that we don't need (Chat?) and messed up the core bread and butter features that made EN great (FAST!). So disappointing. My specific issues: - when searching for a note, typing in search text, results are VERY slow to display, basically unresponsive. very hard to find anything now - when adding attachment by drag-drop, especially PDF, VERY slow to 'accept' the file - unresponsive, so i don't know if it even rec'd the file...then about a minute later it shows up. huge TIME WASTER ...annoying new features, moving to new notebook now requires two 'clicks', can't just drop down and move to notebook have to add another click. again, EN was great b/c it was simple to use and very good at what it did - especially ultra fast search. Now it's just about not usable. Ugh
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