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  1. Is Evernote able to still search the encrypted PDF? Does it show up in search results if encrypted?
  2. Has anyone else noticed a bunch of saved searches that you didn't create in the new Mac version 6.0.4 (Beta)? I just notice a big list of saved searches that I didn't create in my list, now I have to remove them one at a time. Thoughts on how these are coming up or how to get rid of them en mass?
  3. ...i don't think its so much trying to say that adding these features caused a particular problem, it's more a sense of a lack of focus. I'm sure it's not as simple as this, but if those resources used to develop new features like chat that hardcore EN users may not find as useful were instead focused on testing or on making the core EN features better (like embedded video in a note, links to local files, etc), then this may not have happened. Again, probably total speculation, but I think that's part of the frustration IMO.
  4. Scopo, did you try the beta yet. I'm hoping your issues are fixed. We don't see any of the issues you describe so there is definitely something weird going on. Hi - Yes, I'm running the Beta, now on day 2. Couple of observations.... What's improving.... 1. Speed of notes appearing seems to be improved today vs. yesterday, so maybe that's indexing (?) e.g. click on a note and text is displayed 2. Speed of search results appearing seems to be improved today, e.g. enter search text, see search recommendations What's not improving... 3. Delay in "Paste", when you try to paste text into a note using cmd-V, nothing happens for a few seconds, then pastes 4. Delay in attachments, when you drag an attachment (PDF) from Finder to Note, there is a long delay ...maybe those are related (?) Happy to send screencast if you think that would help. Thanks! SP
  5. JMichael, i was running the download version when i first posted this. I'm now running the Beta version Marcus posted in the thread you referred to. Still having issues with performance, blank notes, slow to paste, slow to search - been over 24 hrs. so i'm thinking it's not related to indexing.
  6. ...and would be happy to participate in screen share or make videos of specific actions if you think that would help to diagnose. EN is quickly becoming unusable. +1 on gemfinder comment re; note moves requiring multiple clicks now. stuff like that is really annoying and takes away from SPEED.
  7. Marcus - thanks for reply directly to the thread and trying to work through this! As a major, multi-year EN user, it's been really frustrating to see new features, like chat, pop-up at what appears to be the expense of those features that make / made EN so great, like SPEED! That said, happy to help be part of the solution, will follow the link to the beta. As far as set-up, and issues, if this helps. My major problems that seem to be increasing (after reading forums, I reinstalled the direct download version same issues) 1. Search is VERY slow. When I enter search text it seems like it takes forever to show search results; 2. Note display is inconsistent, sometimes slow, sometimes blank. Click on a note title under Recent Notes and nothing 3. Paste is slow...cmd-v to paste text and nothing, then about 30 seconds later the text is pasted 4. Attachments are VERY slow to show up. Drag and drop from Finder to a note and won't show up for about 30 seconds. This is pretty consistent. As far as set up / use questions... - not sharing notes, no local notes - no apps - seems to happen with both simple text notes and notes with attachments. Hope this helps and really hope this gets resolved soon.
  8. Tried all of the above and still very slow on 6.0.3. Added features that we don't need (Chat?) and messed up the core bread and butter features that made EN great (FAST!). So disappointing. My specific issues: - when searching for a note, typing in search text, results are VERY slow to display, basically unresponsive. very hard to find anything now - when adding attachment by drag-drop, especially PDF, VERY slow to 'accept' the file - unresponsive, so i don't know if it even rec'd the file...then about a minute later it shows up. huge TIME WASTER ...annoying new features, moving to new notebook now requires two 'clicks', can't just drop down and move to notebook have to add another click. again, EN was great b/c it was simple to use and very good at what it did - especially ultra fast search. Now it's just about not usable. Ugh
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