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  1. Hi Peter: Firstly, thank you for your help. There is good and very bad news. The good news is that it definitely did bring back the folders in the "Import Folders" settings. The bad news is that it is duplicating every file in those "synced" folders in Evernote. So now I have duplicates. I do have a bit of a fix, BUT IT'S WORK. It seems that the "Import Folders" is a great idea that has quite a bit more development needed. Such as storing those settings (as well as other settings) in the cloud and determining if the sync already happened. I've seen where in fact if I have a file on the hard drive - say "File A" that I have "synced" with Evernote, if I change that "File A" on the Hard Drive (not in Evernote), I will get two versions of the same file in Evernote. So it's not really a true "sync" but more of an upload. Works great with static files - files that are dropped in a folder that will never change. But if you have something that changes, you get multiple versions within Evernote. So, what's the fix. After Evernote rebuilt the database and synced, I went to the "All Notes" and found all the items created within the past few minutes. All of them didn't have tags (which I use a lot) and deleted them. I resynced and all is well. But that's a bit scary to have to do it that way. You know that suggestions: *.- Back up settings to the cloud *.- On reinstall and/or resync, test the file/folders that are in the "Import Folders" to see if they are the same or not. If they are, leave it alone, it not, upload. Thanks again for your help. Louis James
  2. Peter: Thank you for your kind and prompt reply. This is exactly what I was hoping for as an answer. I do have the backups and i find the files as you suggest including: Attachments (Folder) .account .exb .exb.activitylog .exb.bak .exb.snippets .exb.thumbnails To verify, I should delete all the .exb's and restore the .exb database or should I delete the contents of the entire folder and just replace the .exb database? Just want to be clear. Once again, thank you for your kind help. Louis
  3. Using Evernote for Windows (Windows 7) I had to wipe and restore my system for several reasons. When I came to the install and update of Evernote, it went smoothly EXCEPT for the settings in the "Import Folders". All those settings were gone. Emailing Evernote Support is a royal waste of time. Simply got back an answer saying "Sorry... check your backups." Even though I did say I have backups of the entire drive prior to the wipe and restore. Problem is that it did not occur to "Tania" to give me instructions on where I might find that info. Claims that the setting are stored locally. Any thoughts from anyone would be gratefully appreciated. I'm find that Evernote is a great product but it's support has become "lacking". Regards: Louis James
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