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  1. I'd find this feature very useful. I find myself stuck in two worlds when capturing knowledge, one is evernote, the other is TiddlyWiki. TiddlyWiki has plug-in's that impliment collapse headings collapse blocks of text This kind of feature can make the note much easier to read and edit when creating larger notes. As TerDale's comment, it can be an enhanced optional/feature, possibly a good feature to entice power users to get a premium verision: And the feature could be rolled into various clients in a staged way. The complexity of doing this depends on the underlying format that NeverNote uses (it could be RTF, XML, HTML with CSS, etc). From my experience with evernote, I'd guess it's a fairly flat static structure, possibly only RTF? If clients that don't yet support the new feature simply igonore the format display 'collapse' elements and display the note fully expanded. If format features/syntax were encoded with versioning, clients that supported various format versions could then choose to ignore or impliment various elements. So it might require a change to every client initially to ignore the new feature. If the current format structure is a constraint, another way to deal this is to define a new format that can handle more dynamic features and build converter over that can upgrade/convert old notes to the new note format and the evernote server can, depending on the client, on-the-fly convert new notes back to the old version if the client doens't support the new version. Assuming it was some sort of XML format/structure, an element/tag could be used to block / mark any user selected section of text and add an expand or colapse button/control. If evernote could support proper format styles for headings, etc, it would be really cool to add this collapse/expand feature to that. Also, it could be added to images in the form of thumbnail, in-note size, fullscreen. Might mess with dynamic note layout a bit... P.S. another pain point for me is how I wish I could apply formatting styles to make my notes look consistant... Anyhow, I hope the above input is contructive (even if a wild guess at how it could be done).
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