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  1. It looks like this feature is not included yet. So I downloaded Evernote Legacy to play my audio files.
  2. Hello, I have the same issue, I attach a screenshot. Mac OS 10.14.6, Evernote 10.3.7 Kind regards
  3. I could reproduce the problem btw. I follow these steps: - Open the database folder, identify a file with a duplicate inside a quickLook folder - Delete the quickLook folder - Open Evernote, find the file, click on the quickLook icon (the eye) - Open the database, the duplicate is back, and it doesn't get deleted afterwards, it remains there.
  4. Ok, thanks a lot. And sorry, because I missed your note about the ticket. Maybe one more question: is it better to delete the database folder, and then re-open Evernote to do the synchronization, or to uninstall Evernote and re-install the application and re-login? I worry that it is going to take ages to download all the files, because she has over 26,000 notes.
  5. Thanks a lot for the comments. I actually compared with my own computer, and I don't have these quickLook folders (however, I have 10.13.6 OS, maybe it changes something). If you look at my screenshot above, the 183.8 Mb .mov file is twice in there. Once with a code name (631D493...), then again with a file name (2017-11-10...), I tried and opened them both: they are the same file. So I tried and deleted some of her quickLook folders with duplicates of big files inside to free space on the hard disc. I didn't see any difference in terms of use, the documents could see be found within Ever
  6. Thank you, I attach a screenshot to show you what I see on the hard disc (I see this is two levels below the one you provided, within the database folder inside Application Support). She is a special user: her hard disc is 250 Gb, and Evernote's folder (within Application Support) is 137 Gb... So when Evernote starts creating quickLook folder with duplicates (if my observations are correct, I'm not sure what is going on exactly), very quickly the disc is full.
  7. One question would be: if I delete one of the two, shall I delete the quickLook folder or the other file next to it? What is intriguing is that the first file has a coded name, e.g. 298B92A5..., but the file within the quickLook folder has a normal name, e.g. a date 2018-06-11 or "Document Scannable...". I worry that if I delete the wrong one, it might mess things up, and Evernote will end up synchronizing all the bad new stuff.
  8. Hello, A friend is using Evernote on Mac OS 10.12.6. It seems that Evernote files are taking a lot of space on her hard disc. So I looked into it, and it seems that most files are duplicated, there is the file + a duplicate within a "quickLook folder" (within Library>Application Support). I suspect that this is related to a former bug in TimeMachine, but I am not sure how to fix it. I tried to run some commands in the terminal (based on this discussion but it's like the OS does not see the backup files from TimeMachine, I get errors). Any help much appreciated!
  9. Hello, Just to say that I have the "unable to de-indent" bug here as well. It's a the beginning of a note (Evernote 7.1 OSX). It's really annoying. I tried everything I could think of, the indent stays on top of the note. The only way to remove it is the "Make Plain Text" function, but it applies to the whole note. Best
  10. Hello, I am having the same issue, or something close: - The very beginning of a note is intended, I suspect because of Evernote's annoying automated number list function - The only way that I found to remove the intend is to turn the whole note into plain text (which is not something I want to do at all, because of the other information below) I tried to a) decrease indent level, b) decrease list level, c) remove link, d) clear style, e) simplify the formatting on the selection, f) make a list and then remove the formatting, d) delete the text and copy-paste it without style, f
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