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  1. So Im stuck with Helvetica? The font that looks like chopped off limbs or trees or humans? Ugh.
  2. This quite bizzare. If I do not use the favorites option in the text format menu, it seems to be able to stay open. I guess I will discover if EN remains stable.
  3. Thanks DTLow, I have done that already, way back when this problem started. And I just used appcleaner again, today to see if it would be different. It doesn't solve the problem. I open preferences and EN crashes. Every time
  4. Everytime I open Evernote preferences, it crashes Evernote. I have done everything - reinstall, update and so on. Anyone else have this problem? Noone at Evernote knows what it is. I would get a different program but so much work is in Evernote.
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