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  1. I use Windows 8. I have no idea how to send you a screen shot. Thanks. Alvin. Ut is sumply a popup that appears when you click "clip entire page"
  2. Apparently my Ever Note has been updated. I don't think the software engineers at Ever Note understand the difference between an improvement and an impediment. Some of use use Ever Note to clip articles we are simply interested in rather than for some obscure or arcane business purpose. Yesterday when I attempted to clip an article from the NY Times a popup appeared. "You must sign in using the Clip to Ever Note toolbar button before you can make clips." Where the heck is the "Clip to Evernote toolbar button"? Of course "heck" is not the word I would ordinarily use. TO THE SOFTWARE ENGINEERS: For God's sake cut me some slack! If you are going to "improve" your software tell me how to use what you consider the improvements. At age 74 I can barely keep up. When I first began using Evernote eight or nine years ago it was very different i.e. easy to use. I understand that you are now trying to satisfy a different demographic but there are still some of the original users around who long for the older relative simplicity. If you detect a sense of anger in this post, I have succeeded. To Group Users: What does this new message mean and where is the toolbar button they are talking about? THANKS!
  3. Sorry to bother you again. What clipper are you using with Firefox?
  4. I can't thank you enough for helping with both problems AMS
  5. I have been using Evernote for eight or nine years. Currently using 6.1 Plus on my laptop with Chrome browser (seems irrelevant). Every time I turn around it seems that with each revision something significant has changed. Many notes from my Android phone contain only a URL. There was a "Go to Source" item in one Windows menu or another, right? Even at 74 I'm sure I'm not demented. Where is it now?
  6. butI have been using Evernote, then Evernote Plus for seven or eight years on my Android smart phone(s), lepton and tablet. I would like to get the clipper to clip a full page rather than just a URL. I I think that the speed of synch often makes that impossible. Since I am not married to any Android browser, is one better than another when it comes to clipping? Why does my Samsung tablet invariably clip the entire article? I use Chrome on my laptop, phone and tablet. I'm going to post this next question elsewhere but every time I turn around something has changed. Using 6.2 Plus for Windows. Where has "go to source" disappeared to? Even at age 74 I'm fairly sure I'm not totally demented. It was there, wasn't it?
  7. Your updates both for Window and Android are driving me up the wall. One minute "Go to source" is there. The next minute it is gone. Apparently replaced by a well hidden check box in Options for "Record rich links." Now "Go to to source" is back.

    Been using Evernote for seven or eight years. Like improvements but do not like it when all they do is generate confusion!

    Am 74 years old and try and stay on top of things. If in Windows or Android versions you are allowed to automatically install updates where do I find the option that will stop you?





  8. In Note Everything Plus one can make a "Durable Checklist" which can be over and over by simply resetting the checked items to again have empty boxes. How hard could this be? I have Evernote and Note Everything on both my Android phone and tablet. Having to have both of these programs is ridiculous. I wrote about this a number of years ago. So far nothing. Thanks
  9. Using th latet version of Evernote and Windows 8.1, is it possible to alphabetize the items in a checklist? If yes, please tell me how (in very simple terms). Thanks.
  10. Finally, an answer to the question. Perhaps it should have been obvious. To mark contiguous notes: Click the first note in the group and while holding down the shift key click the last one. To mark notes that are not contiguous: Hold down the Cntrl key while clicking on each note you wish to mark. THANKS!
  11. I have been using EN since it first came out. I am almost out of space on my 300 GB internal drive. EN takes up a lot of room. I want to move the entire program, db and all to my external drive. It seems to me that the easiest thing to do would to be to uninstall the program from my internal hard drive and reinstall in on the external. If I do that: 1) Does the install program give me a choice of where to install the program? 2) Will the program actually run from the external drive? I am assuming no data will be lost because it is stored by Evernote. Is that correct? Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. I too suspect it is more of a Dolphin problem. Royally pi****!
  13. Having to have three difficult to effect that they cost too mucThanks. rent "Note" applications on my Android smart phone is a little crazy. It seems to me that my needs could easily be met by Evernote. For a durable checklist I use "Note Everything" which cannot be saved to a cloud. For very long clips I have to use "Pocket" where the clips cannot be filed in any reasonable manner. I sometimes clip long articles which can't be handled by Evernote but can be handled by Pocket. Are these changes so difficult to effect because they cost too much? This is not a rhetorical question Does anyone know the answer?
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