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  1. Still crashing on launch for me.
  2. You know, I was using the digital inking/sketch feature in Evernote today with my pencil and it's truly great - the tools are good, natural, they have good smoothing and pressure sensitivity, and the results look good. I just wish the PDF markup would look like the digital inking, rather than the outdated ex-skitch pink crayon stuff. Just make the markup mirror what already exists in the digital inking capability (maybe with a text tool) and I'd be over the moon.
  3. Yes, but as we’ve been discussing, it’s woefully inadequate and needs updating, and doesn’t capitalise on the functionality of the Pencil.
  4. My solution is to import into notability, then export as pdf into Evernote when I’m done. But Evernote should really be able to handle pdf markup natively.
  5. I'm on the latest beta build; and a premium user; and I have this issue still. It's pretty frustrating not to be able to remove omnipresent advertising from a premium service - can you update us on the fix please?
  6. So would I, but it hasn't been. Multiple macs, running the latest Beta 453896 - have had the issue for some time.
  7. I still have this issue; also with photos taken via the evernote camera. Is there a fix?
  8. Agree - I think the android app is in need of a bit of love...
  9. Likewise - loads up but can't see anything and have to force close.
  10. Beta 5 and still not working. Can you please give us an update? This is the only app in Mavericks that doesn't work for me.
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