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  1. TFX01 osted 09 August 2012 - 08:48 PM Just found a workaround: - uninstall evernote - download evernote from: http://evernote.s3.a...note_300201.dmg - install evernote That's it. It seems that the issue has something to do with apple application sandboxing. TFX01, Your suggestion above, which I cut and pasted in this post, worked!!! I tried other users' suggestions, but nothing. Your suggestion worked perfect and fast.... Put old EN into trash, clicked on your link, downloaded, drag to Applications, opened EN. I went to Safari to test it out. Below is what I did to see it. File Print PDF "Save PDF to Evernote" Just wanted to say thank you. I am a novice and therefore, had to find suggestions that were simple and straight-forward. I think advanced computer users would also look for simple and straight-forward answers, but as a novice, I had no other choice. Folks, listen to TFX01. It appears to me he knows what he is talking about. Thanks again. tonyj111 Like This Quote MultiQuote
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