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  1. Thank you for at least getting this out. I think full, true hi-dpi support is beyond overdue, but this compromise is needed and I think, for most, welcome. Agreed. I'm a developer (not for Evernote). Often things are way too big to tackle with the time you have, so you look for a workaround to at least keep people going until you can sort things properly. Happy they've at least done this. Let's hope the original fuller feature is not lost and does happen some time.
  2. In fact ... I may also be on the move to OneNote as we speak. It's so trivial to export my notes and I'm so hacked off with the lack of a usable version when on my laptop high DPI display, maybe it's easier to give up waiting and just move across
  3. To gazumped up-thread who advocated Evernote saying nothing as a good PR policy - right there is your reason why it's a terrible idea for a business. Not only has it cost you one customer, the alternative they're switching too will probably be one others of us who are less than happy re-visit too. If you say nothing to my concerns as a customer - that's about how much I believe you value my business.
  4. Darn, sorry to hear that - it's worked on my one higher DPI display (2560x1600). I've yet to try it on my laptop panel which is higher still, so maybe it won't help there.
  5. Whilst battling a VMWare issue I stumbled across something that may help those suffering this issue. If you find the EXE (Evernote.EXE), and then pull up Properties on it with Right-Click. There's a "Disable DPI Scaling" option on the Compatibility tab. It's not a perfect answer as it makes it massive, wasting a ton of screen space. But it might at least make it usable.
  6. A simple 'we've heard your request, and we're considering it' would at least show some interest in paying customers. I got my 3rd renewal reminder for Premium today .... no lack of interest in my money, just a lack of interest in my needs.
  7. Yep - it's unusably bad on high DPI, and seemingly no interest in fixing that from Evernote. Disappointing
  8. Sure enough, I got my Premium Renewal reminder today - my current subscription has expired. Sadly, as useful as the tool is, I cannot bring myself to send them money when they completely ignore me as a user. I have a High DPI Windows laptop, and the product is unusable on my travels. The day they fix that is the day I may pay to be a premium user again.
  9. Hopefully as a paying customer your request will gain some traction
  10. As others posted - I have a Premium account that I got free with something, but when it runs out I won't pay out money to a company that ignores it's users requests. I'm a business owner too, with employees. Great as Evernote is, and would be for them as a Business tool the same applies. So if anyone at Evernote is listening - you are costing yourselves money and customers here. Feel free to push us away to look for alternatives, but dont come crying if we do just that. When we're gone, we're gone
  11. Totally agree - I have many apps that are bad on High DPI, but Evernote is one of the worst. Pretty much unusable
  12. +1 too Of all the apps that do not work well in Win 8 High Dpi (and there are many), the one I expected to be fine was Evernote with their Apple background. I'm stunned that not only is it so bad but there seems no interest in improving it. Great product, but let down badly in this area. In most cases, where a product is not supporting High DPI or at least working towards it, I'm looking for replacements. Really hoping I don't end up having to do that with Evernote. Def won't pay a Premium extension unless or until it's fixed.
  13. Useful thanks - will take a look. I guess the good part of widespread use is plugins from 3rd parties to do what a supplier doesn't. Does feel somedays that us Android users are 2nd class citizens to Evernote, and iPhone is everything to them. Much as I like Evernote, if an alternative came along that put an equal priority on Android I'd move in a heartbeat.
  14. I was just about to go look at ordering when I noticed the iPod/iPad note - I'd have been really p*ssed if I'd mised that and only when they came found out I couldn't use them. Can toitally understand your annoyance - seems crazy with the massive user base now for Android not to launch support at the same time. I mean really, I love Evernote, but I'm an Android user and will not be changing to Apple. So if Android support doesn't improve, and a rival service starts offering better support - it won't take much to convince me to shift.
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