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  1. It takes about a day for your text to be searchable, the recognition happens on EN servers so it has to be synced up and back.
  2. They have all but guaranteed that it is coming to android and windows one warning though is that the stickers do not work on all iOS devices, just iPhone. They do not mention this anywhere, but from what I can tell the camera needs to be fairly decent for it to recognize the stickers. This shouldn't be an issue for most new devices, but i wouldn't count on it for an older device.
  3. I actually created a similar post because I did not see this one. I have followed the directions in the post above (turned on page camera and everything). One item it says to do though is turn on the flash, iPads do not have a flash so I can not do that. I am in a well-lit room with no shadows and have tried various stickers but it does not recognize them. For a $15 premium vs. a regular Moleskine, this is not acceptable.
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