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  1. Just a note to Evernote - I'm a premium member looking at switching to OneNote (or maybe Workflowy - thanks for the suggestion Frank). Just today, ruined an entire list of notes I took because I moved one bullet point around. The entire list's spacing and bullets messed up, with duplicate bullets appearing and some parts of the list becoming unformatted!
  2. If there was a note editor that had web clippings I'd switch. Formatting issues like these have been an issue for far too long.
  3. I still can't believe this isn't fixed. You can't even use number and bullet lists together.
  4. Here's just another example of problems with evernote. This note was entirely written within evernote. Arbitrarily, it decides I can't indent. The image on top is the note as it is now, the bottom image is when I select and try and indent the section. It doesn't matter whether I select a block of text or try it line by line. Stupid. Checking out workflowy.
  5. We still fundamentally retain the vast majority of our information through writing. I know quite a few people who use Evernote and in every case pictures are absolutely supplemental to note-taking - anecdotal but I'd be shocked if it was any different for the majority of Evernote users (just look at how Evernote is structured). That's where Evernote starts, and the rest of it "access anywhere" etc. flow from having the information written down in the first place.
  6. Just a matter of time before a better app comes out, or companies like Springpad introduce more advanced formatting. Love everything else about Evernote, but not being able to bullet consistently is STUPID. It's the heart of what Evernote is SUPPOSED to do.
  7. So a few things. 1. This is a user forum, aimed at letting Evernote users talk with other Evernote users 2. While Evernote employees spend a lot of their time reading the forums on top of the their regularly scheduled day jobs, we don't always reply. Do rest assured that we've read this though. 3. Thanks for posts everyone. Which is all well and good except just this topic has been up for a year (and its been a problem longer) without any response or change from Evernote.
  8. Unbelievable there's no response on this. Incredibly, incredibly frustrating.
  9. I just signed on/logged in to contribute my voice. I create lots of lists, and I'm really tired of having to use all kinds of different workarounds. Just encountered another problem of double bullet points (among many!). The only fix I have here is to delete ever bullet point - and this problem keeps coming up! Never mind how it's constantly buggy to move text around or to copy/paste with bullet points. Now in the process of looking at a different system. Hopefully this can be fixed ASAP!
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