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  1. So now I tried the same things suggested above with a notebook which isn't shared. So I created 2 local notebooks, tried to drag one into the other, nothing - can't do that. I also tried to right click on the notebook stack and/or notebook to see if I can create a notebook in a new stack, but the option I see is "create notebook in Notebook Stack" - not other creation options. Am I missing something here?
  2. Jefito, I tried doing the drag and drop thing, that didn't seem to work. I am using shared notebooks, not sure if that makes a difference. BurgersnFries, when I right click on a notebook, there is no option for "Add to Stack". Are these premium features or something?
  3. Is there a way to create a new Notebook stack in Evernote? This is probably a basic question, but I just started using Evernote but couldn't seem to find this answer anywhere nor was able to find how to do so within Evernote, and can't really imagine that you cannot create Notebook stacks. Thanks.
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