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  1. Like many people on this thread I'm very, very disappointed that the horizontal view is gone. Lately, there have been several rounds of changes that have made Evernote less useable for me. As for 'why didn't you respond when we posted about this in the forums'? Well, because I'm busy working and not trolling through the forums. I'm a paid subscriber, and have been one for many years. I didn't receive a single email requesting my input about removing what seems to me a fundamental view option. I love Evernote, but I am now reconsidering how much longer I use it. I need a top notch note taking app. I don't need another app to remind me to do things - there are PLENTY of apps that do that. I'm not sure why the product management decided Evernote needed to do more, instead of focusing on doing what you do really well. So, so disappointed. :-(
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