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  1. unfortunately, because of this one issue, I had to abandon using Evernote on my tablet. I still use Evernote, but primarily on my laptop. I hadn't followed up to see if this was still an issue. It's unfortunate that it is. Evernote is a great app and I will continue to use it, just not on my android tablet until this bug is fixed!
  2. So, I am new to Evernote, but now that I've started to use it, I love what it can do and can finally do away with the old notebook and pen. However, I'm having one strange formatting problem. I'm using Evernote on a Nexus 7. I have a Zagg Flex bluetooth keyboard paired to my Nexus 7. So, here's what's happening. When i have Evernote open and am in the middle of creating or editing a note, if i let my bluetooth keyboard "sleep", when I wake it back up, it automatically re-pairs with my Nexus 7. However, at the same time, any indentation formatting that I had in my open note disappears and all of the tabs i had put in there are gone. This is consistent behavior for me. The only thing i can do to prevent this from happening is to save and exit the note, if i think i won't be adding anything to it over the next few minutes (however long it takes before my bluetooth keyboard goes to "sleep"). Then, if i want to edit a note further, I have to first wake up my keyboard, then open the note to edit. Anyone else experience this issue? I'm not sure if it's an Evernote issue, a Nexus 7 bluetooth pairing issue, or what, but it's a consistently repeatable issue for me.
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