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  1. That feature was recently added as of 6.16. Look at the icons on the lower part and you will see the bell symbol.
  2. To update my last post, its a Chrome issue. I loaded the 6.17 in Edge and its correctly showing all notes. Chrome seems to be causing a few issues under the new version, including creating new notes. Under Edge I also noticed a new feature in 6.17, the New Note drop down appears to have templates in them, but I don't see how to update it to use my preferred templates.
  3. Something else I noticed with 6.17. I had both the web version and desktop version up and was looking at my inbox when I noticed they did not match. Several notes available in the desktop version I had recently added, did not show up in the web version. I switched to the previous version in the web, and those notes appear. Switch to the new version and they did not appear again. Annoying.
  4. When I attempted to sort my tags by count (Most to Least), it appears to have done it by Alphabetical, unless I'm turning dyslexic?
  5. Well I noticed two things, or my cache has been stale and this didn't appear before so someone can call me unobservant. Reminders now have their own list. And Find/Replace is an option. The Find/Replaced is in the ellipse menu called Find within note...
  6. The only other place to find it is in the browser version through extensions
  7. I don't remember if it was an option in the Windows Desktop version, but its still in settings for Android
  8. I think the use of the word destiny is strong language. It implies a singular result from inception to infinity. Any true system will evolve or change over time to fit the needs of the environment, or in this case its users over time. The only constant is change. To your points... tag suggestion system is a touchy area. There are millions of users with their own work flows and styles. Any suggestion system implemented may work for a few, but then generate complaints it doesn't work for everyone else. I don't see any issue with changing the date created on the desktop apps, perhaps more explanation can be provided? capturing the creation date could only support one source, that would be the file creation date from the system OS. Doable, I could see this as a feature. What constitutes a duplicate? Your definition of a duplicate can easily be different from another user. Your use of Evernote is different then others. You use it as a document storage and retrieval system.Others user it for notes. And others use it for task management. In all, these are the functions users have designed into Evernote for their needs. Evernote is a framework, and you build on that frame work. One of the problems with trying to implement features to please everyone is running into the Microsoft syndrome. Microsoft tried to implement features in their office products to try to please everyone. But it became to bloated, it developed a reputation for being slow, clunky, and bug ridden. Microsoft has turned that around. Evernote can't fall for the same trap. Honestly its sounds like you need a dedicated document management system you can customize.
  9. Check your Num Lk key is not on. On some laptop models this turn the FN key to persistent mode. Or its an option in the BIOS settings
  10. [pats slowly on the back in comforting manner]
  11. @DTLowThis guide provide a nice little reference to markdown. I've have been unconsciously using some of these without knowing. i.e. * for starting a bullet. https://markdown-guide.readthedocs.io/en/latest/basics.html
  12. So today while looking into the 6.16.1 web version I discovered the reminder feature now opens a dialog box to set a reminder. More progress...
  13. Hmm. I'm an android user and I have experienced this for a long time. But then I have a back button on the phone that asks if I want to discard my accidental changes. @gazumped IOS?
  14. If you are using Windows, you can do like other users and create a separate login for each person who uses it, to avoid the others access your sensitive info.
  15. Have you tried the dark mode in Chrome and Edge?
  16. Yea seems odd to get that popup. I have not seen any way to set reminders in the 6.15 web version. I have however found how to view reminders, via the filters.
  17. I will agree to disagree. To me Evernote is not a task/note app, its a framework. A framework you build your style into for your own purpose. I use it for information storage and retrieval mostly, but very little workflow, except for some projects for myself. Task management is better managed in my Microsoft Todo app. Your argument can be applied to any of the product companies out there competing against Evernote. Each is adding functions and features, risking to be what I call the kitchen sink. Trying to be all things to all people at once because a few people shouted louder than the others. But you must do what is best for you. Find the app that fits your needs, and style. You don't sound like anything is holding you on with Evernote. So why argue to those who have found Evernote fits them? "The needs of the many, out way the needs of the few, or the one." - Spock
  18. I"m speaking as an Android user. Its an Evernote widget action item where you set it to create the note in that notebook.
  19. Consider this; don't use a single list. I keep a notebook call purchases. In it is a note for each item I am considering purchasing. I will compare websites for an item and where I could get the best deal. I'll put links to the item in the note. I also use the tags to tag the store where I would purchase them. Or I may just clip the page and put it in that note so I know the store sku number and maybe the aisle its in. If I am in the area of a store, I search for that tag to see if there was something I wanted to purchase there. Consequently, I also have a shortcut on my phone that allows me to quickly add an item to that notebook of something that I need to purchase later or research for purchase. (Really useful since I have a child headed to college) Otherwise, you could look at any EN or non-EN shopping list and replicate it in EN easily.
  20. If it was a wonderful experience, and it fits your needs, what is stopping you? Spreadsheet feature? What spreadsheet feature?
  21. I use both search options. Particularly when I get too many results that I know are not relevant. I switch to intitle: and it narrows down the results. To narrow it down further, I then add tag:. I will also use created: a lot. Those are the three top search options for me.
  22. I couldn't duplicate it myself. Clear your cache possibly?
  23. I don't see this happening. Evernote is a software company who develops the app for multiple platforms. The platforms are best left to the other experts. With so many devices on the market, entry would be costly.
  24. Two reasons: desktop performance, as I have an older machine. And better search results for myself.
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