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  1. We are adding the functionality to surface tags within the switcher, you should see it soon.
  2. We are definitely considering adding collections like 'All Notes', 'Personal Notes', 'Business Notes' (for our business users) and 'Trash' as items within the note switcher in a future release. Stay tuned!
  3. Can you quit your client on the Mac that is not seeing the new switcher and then relaunch it and tell me if you still do not see it. We have just noticed an issue where when it is a fresh download of the app, sometimes you won't see the switcher until you relaunch.
  4. Sorry for the delay, we tend to release the direct download version earlier (available directly from our website) while we wait for the app to be approved on the AppStore. We have just released the AppStore version and you should see it soon.
  5. Thanks for everyone who pitched in on this issue. We identified this as a bug and fixed it for the coming release. Thanks!
  6. Can you confirm that you are using Cmd + J and still not seeing this new note switcher? If you click on the Notebook drop down in the note list header, you will still see the old notebook selector. This new functionality currently is only available when pressing the shortcut Cmd + J.
  7. Thanks for all the autocompleting feedback, I am investigating this with the team.
  8. Thanks for this, this is on our radar and we are trying to get this resolved in this release version. Thanks for this feedback, I have passed it on to the design team to evaluate further. The problem in introducing green is that we don't have that color elsewhere on the UI yet, but we are planning on re-evaluating that as well. But we could use a shade of blue that we use elsewhere or fix the contrast in selection as well. Thanks. We do have plans to add tag searching as well. Noted, and should be fixed in the latest version.
  9. 1) We are currently NOT thinking of replacing the 'clicking the drop down at the top of the note list'. Clicking the drop down will still open the notebook selector. However we are thinking to replace the shortcut Cmd+J to open up this navigation switcher instead of the notebook selector. Based on some of the feedback we have heard, we are currently considering whether we should preserve a shortcut (maybe option + command + J) that will still give users the ability to quickly open up the notebook selector since its use might differ slightly in allowing users to visually see a list of notebooks. 2) Yes we think so, and would love feedback if folks think this isn't the case. 3) This doesn't introduce any new interactions with the search context 4) Yes that is correct, and this is one of the reasons that we are thinking to still preserve the notebook selector functionality because having a list of notebooks to visually inspect and jump to might be an important use case for some. Would love to know peoples thoughts around this. The feedback on this forum is great and really helps us shape our features so that we do whats best for our users. Thank you all for contributing here and helping make Evernote better.
  10. @macfixer Thanks for this feedback. Can you elaborate on this a little more please.
  11. Thanks for this feedback, that is something we plan to add support for in coming versions.
  12. Thanks for this feedback, we are on it.
  13. We feel that this is an improvement to the current notebook selector functionality and is additive in nature. It not only lets you get to a notebook but any piece of content within Evernote quickly. But this is very useful feedback, I would love to know if you still feel this way after a couple of days of using it. If we did replace the shortcut with this functionality, what about the current notebook selector would you miss?
  14. Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions so far, appreciate all of them. We are working on fixes for some of the stability and inconsistency issues brought up here.
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