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  1. It will. Your local notes will be preserved when logging out and when terminating the app. Uninstallation, however, will delete all of your local notes
  2. We're actively working on resolving some of the syncing issues in the Evernote Windows 8 app and will have those changes out to you all soon! In the meantime, please try the following steps to work around the issues. - Sign out (Charm Bar -> Settings -> Account Info -> Log out), sign back in, and initiate a sync. - Terminate the app, open it again, and initiate a sync. You can terminate the app with Alt + F4 or by dragging the app from the top of your screen to the bottom. This is different from navigating away from the app (with the Windows key or the left edge of the screen) in that the app reinitializes, and different from uninstalling and reinstalling in that the sync won't have to start over.
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