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  1. I'd like to add a vote for this too! I've been dreaming about how good it would be for ages. Cos it's not just about saving a bunch of web page URLs for later reference. For me, it's wanting to 'chunk' a heap (5-12) of links together that are about the same topic, and I want to bundle them all nicely together with a new note Title and description and tags so I can find it later - AND remember why I wanted to find it later! I've mentioned this to a few people who just don't understand. They tell me to "copy and paste them into a note" as Parisie says above. But creating a new note, then copying and pasting 12 times over takes time. I also don't like cluttering up my browser bookmark folders with the types of URL collections I'm talking about. I've tried it in the past with a folder I called "Temporary" but it just turned into link chaos. So I'm with you, Istandalone. You don't stand alone on this topic!
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