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  1. Well to have 2 Evernote clients work on the same Evernote filesystem sounds like a very bad idea. But as a backup solution it could work. I don't know how well built the Google Drive client is but perhaps it could slow down the client. Good point I may need a DB folder just for the 1 machine, google drive folder is local so should be the same as any other... I will test on Friday
  2. Hi all I have also been agonizing about this, we use evernote business for ALL financial receipts etc..., I use Spannig to back up all my employees data (google apps) but have not found a decent solution for Evernote, Cloud HQ format is far from ideal... I just had a brain wave which I will try when I am back from my travels and that is to move the location of my EN Database to Google Drive!!! :-) then point my laptop to look there as well. Unless I am missing something this would automatically back up my full DB (spanning will also then back up my drive) and the best part is that the full notes and structures with tags is restore able... Thoughts? Loop holes? or thumbs up?
  3. I 100% agree and feel that a business solution needs a back up solution that can be restored... I am using cloud HQ which creates files per note but no easy way to restore or find them...
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