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  1. Totally agree, downgrading now as well. Evernote, please listen to these power users!
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    I have to sign up here too! Normally I don't write in forums but I feel compelled to add my voice to this list. I am also a heavy Premium Evernote user, so Evernote please listen to us!!! In my innocence I installed Skitch2.0 and was at first happy about the Evernote integration or until I tried to reuse my screenshots. In the previous Skitch version my snapshots that I had dragged into Evernote had a title e.g. "Chapter 3 - Gamification" but now all (yes, ALL) my snapshots are called... well, "SNAPSHOTS". How am I supposed to find anything anymore??? I also have huge sync issues on the computer where I opted to import older Skitch snapshots. Skitch on that computer is totally unusable as it brings an error message after every snapshot so I have no ideas if it has synced the old snapshots or not or how I can get rid of that message. I am deinstalling Skitch2.0 and going back to the old version. Thank you for providing the link here. Really hope Evernote fixes Skitch quickly and does not ruin Evernote.
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