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  1. Not me. I've been a premium user for several years and have over 9,000 notes in my database. I'm just not seeing anywhere near enough value to justify the price increase so when my sub expires, I will be leaving.
  2. Sorry Marcus, but most people (myself included) immediately translate this as "The reason we did this is we think this is going to be a better way to force non-users to become users". Which is maybe cynical on my part, but perhaps no more so than taking this decision was, on your part. Still, it's your app and I'm not going to stop using it because of this wrinkle, regardless of how annoying it is. I will simply say "please restore the ease of eMailing as it was before". In the meantime, for anyone else annoyed by the hiding of this option in a nested menu, you can at least create a keyboard shortcut to achieve the same effect on your Mac (which is quicker than using the mouse anyway, even if the eMail option were where it should be)... Open System Preferences > Keyboard Select the "Shortcuts" tab Select "App Shortcuts" in the left pane Click the "+" button to add a new shortcut In the popup window - select Evernote in the "Application" field In the "Menu Title" type "Email Note…" - it is important that you type it exactly like that, case sensitive, and be aware that the "..." is NOT a simple "dot dot dot" - it's an ellipsis character which is achieved by typing Option and Semi-Colon together (that is, the ⌥ and the ; keys) Select your desired keyboard combination to activate You are good to go - this shortcut will now trigger the "Email Note..." option, only within Evernote. Hope this helps.
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