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  1. They don't release roadmaps, and they generally stick by their guns. Then again, they reversed course on Skitch, so I guess you never know Wow, so I think I got you. How sad! To a company, we must ask ourselves, is a product developed for satisfying the users' need or the developers'? But thanks all the same, for helping me twice, especially I'm not an English-speaking user which may make the conversation difficult to understand. Thank you very very much! Today is The Mid-autumn Festival in China, and I wish you a good luck!
  2. Well, errr... When a woman says she will leave, mostly she just wants the man to keep her around. Actually, I'm here not asking whether Evernote Team will add these features or not; instead, I'm asking if there is a possibility to add them. If it's a positive answer, I can wait, for I've been in love with this product for a long time. Yes or no, I just need an exact answer. As everyone knows, the migration cost, no matter from Evernote to Wiznote or from Wiznote to Evernote, is too much for everyone that I can't bear, so I think I wouldn't try a second chance, not even once. Thanks to Evernote Team. :-)
  3. Dear Evernote, When I begin to write this letter, I know I'm going to leave you. I have been seriously looking back upon our relationship and getting very clear on what I need and desire out of a relationship. The conclusion I have come to is that you STILL refuse to offer me a feature to create infinite sub-notebooks. We have talked about this for many years, and you insist that you can offer me tags to help, but you never know I can never ever create two sub-tags in different main tags using the same name. You told me every tag has an unique name, resulting in the inconvenience I have always been facing. I clearly know that you feel so wronged, because you have already offered a so-called "stack" feature. Yet I have to admit that it looks like to offer me a chance to create sub-notebooks, while the fact is that I can only create one sub-notebook in a stack. When I try to create a sub-sub-notebook in the sub-notebook, I feel desperate, especially when I get to know that every notebook has an unique name, I realize how stupid I am. This is not about whether you believe it's needed or not, it's all about that I need them. Please forgive yourself, and me, for any 'mistakes' we made along the way... and remember that we both have grown immensely through being together... but the time has come to move on. I wish you joy, I wish you happiness, I wish you heaven on earth. Please trust in yourself and the Universe enough to take some deep breaths, and start looking to find and create joy in your life. It is there... simply step out and claim it. But tonight I'll marry "Wiz", Dear Evernote. Your love, Eric
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