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  1. I don't get it. Ever since the new Skitch came out, my upload limit has been hit. I just have notes in Evernote. I deleted all my skitch screen captures, but I'm still getting this limit hit. I can't find anywhere where it shoes what's being uploaded, how many mess and when and why? I don't need a bunch of screen captures that I send my team to be sync'd and eating up my text in evernote. I still want to be able to see what's the deal on what's using the upload limits. If there's no way around this I'm going to have to use another solution to keep my notes. Thanks!
  2. So I'm not sure I like the new interface; constantly asks me if screen capture size is okay. But that's an annoyance I can deal with, the fact that the app doesn't do as it states: Share & Copy Shared URL; even if i try again and simly select copy shared URL: nothing. The only way to copy the URL of the shared screen shot is to open the URL in a new window and manually copy the URL. This is a nuisance. It worked so much better in the previous version — bring it back. Please bring back my Skitch pre Evernote... I beg you. PLEASE@! This is simply not going to work for me. Mountain Lion (10.8.2) Skitch 2.0
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