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  1. Grateful to Scott for this tip - it is still possible to email without cutting and pasting. And I can try to answer Scott's last question



    "All of the old ways of sharing notes still exist.

    You can email notes to anyone (Note>more sharing>email note) (on iOS select the three dots>share>email, which is where it has always been)

    You can make notes public (cmd-/)

    you can make notebooks public (right click>publish notebook)


    The only time you need to use work chat is to invite a fellow evernote user to collaborate on a notebook. In this case, I don't see what harm is being done because the recipient must be an Evernote user by definition (and this has always been the case, even before work chat).


    Perhaps I have missed something. Where are you finding you are unable to share things the way you used to?"

    It's less convenient. I used to use the share option on the right hand side of the page to email notes, now can only choose chat. The chat is unpleasant to me and confusing for the people I send to. But what irked me was losing the convenience of the right hand option - the flow is much better for me. I thought there was no more simple way to email without the tedious link generate, copy open email and paste. So, it is a change. And an unpleasant one for me and the people I share notes with. HTH explain some of the comments by users. I looked for this forum with that helpless rage that comes from these sorts of changes. I just want to get things done, so the tweaks are bumps in the road. Maybe they are "good for me" but . . . :)


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