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  1. I am a relatively new Evernote user and I must agree with people making the argument for sub-notebooks. Evernote is a great tool, but the programmers need to realize that people think differently. I own/run car dealerships and there are some great products out there but the ones that stand out are the ones where the users tell the programmers how we work versus the programmers telling the users HOW WE SHOULD WORK. Here's an example: I want to create a Notebook named 'Travel', with sub-notebooks with Hotels and Restaurants. In 'Hotels' and 'Restaurants' sub-folders I would like to create sub-folders with countries, cities, states, whatever and then if I read an article about a restaurant or a hotel in say Paris, France I can send to that sub-folder and then if I have a trip planned to Paris, France I can open up the sub-notebook(s) about Hotels and Restaurants in those sub-folders and make reservations or whatever. Having to create a notebook for Paris, France hotels and another for Paris, France restaurants and then having to create keywords seems an inelegant solution for people that think like me; it seems like needless steps to create a notebook and then have to ALSO create key words seems like extra work. Extra needless steps, extra needless notebooks listed out without being able to collapse the original Notebook 'Travel' to just disappear as one Notebook until needed. As much as I travel there are many, many, many hotels and restaurants I want to visit and have data on. So the Evernote programmers are telling me I need potentially 100's of hotel notebooks and 100's of restaurant notebooks versus just nesting them? I'd tell my programmers to figure it out. This seems to be a clear case of "The Programmers" telling "The Users" how they have to think versus "The Programmers" listening to "The Users" and creating multiple ways to achieve the same desired outcome based upon how their users THINK. I don't understand the pushback on this issue and I can find no clear explanation as to the logic behind Evernote's ownership's ruling on this. I am a fair and reasonable man. If Evernote can provide a clear and reasonable explanation as to why they want their users to create a notebook AND tags versus just creating nested/sub-notebooks I am open to listening.... thx.
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