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  1. Dear Evernote, You have a great service with Evernote and I consider every month or so to actually start using it professionally as a TODO + notes + archive app. Unfortunately it doesn't fit. The reason is simple – for me you have worst notes editor for text. It's almost useless for me. Let me (ex/com)plain. You have too many formatting options, but those are not simple enough to be useful. The formatting breaks very often when you paste something. Even checkboxes (TODO's) break. Sometimes delete a character, the whole bullet structure breaks. It really frustrates me! Look for example at TaskPaper. It has very simple formatting. Either it's a header (project), a bullet point, indent or a comment. It misses inline images, inline URLs and horizontal lines for example. But for me it's much more usable than Evernote's editor. What are notes? Basically it's text with headings in three levels, multi level bullets, todo checkboxes, comments, marked/bold/italic tekst, images/photo's. Sometimes tables. More or less what MarkDown supports. I would LOVE to have a simple formatting options which have above option. Not too many fonts, types, tables, etc. Just simple things for notes. That's what it is all about. A "fixed" formatting, like in TaskPaper, would be great. Extend it with inline images, colors, inline URLs, horizontal lines and you have a great note app. Is there anyone else having these problems with the editor? Thanks for your support! -- ddofborg
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