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  1. I am a long, long time user of Skitch, but holy ***t, what did you guys do? I used the tool a tremendous amount to do screen shots and then export to PDFs for use in Prezi. You can't export using alternative formats? What the heck are you guys thinking? How do you know that your global user base wanted .png files? Frankly, you didn't. First, because you didnt ask, "If you had to eliminate all export formats except one, what one would keep?" Second, because the entire thought process is flawed. Who makes a graphics program with a single export format? Duh. I thank those who provided links to the 1.x version. You saved my bacon. I hate those who decided to de-feature Skitch 1.X in the 2.0 release. Your product is a perfect example of upgrades gone bad. To the Skitch developers who survived the Evernote acquisition: how does it feel to have a wonderful product destroyed following an acquisition by a company that clearly is clueless about your base? Feeling like MSFT or Google yet? Evernote killed your baby. To Evernote: I do like integration into Evernote, but why in the world would you kill 80% of your features in the process? Should I be equally scared of Evernote upgrades? I am. I am terribly scared. You clearly have no idea how to manage software products.
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