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  1. I have about had it with EN. EVERY version I have used has had a MAJOR problem with Mac/IOS. This latest sync issue is typical. What's all this 'load balancer' BS anyway... really? Dropbox doesn't seem to have any 'load balancer' mumbo-jumbo-fiddly-wow-its-hard-to-build-software-because-its-soooooo-complicated BS. EN: you are pissing off your customers with your almost non existant customer service (does anyone at EN own a single copy of any book by Seth Godin?) and major problems with your software. Sync large files, really? You can't get THAT right? When they are not ignoring our posts on this issue, EN employees will jump on and state blandly "open a ticket". I have opened two tickets on this issue and essentially been told to remove and re-install EN and sync my thousands of notes again... and again.... and again. What an amazingly convenient way to use an app... all I have to do is completely reinstall the app and sync everything every time I want to sync a single large note or image... It seems some companies love making great software for their customers and it makes them great money, while others love making great money from their customers and it shows.
  2. I opened a support ticket and did everything they suggested for two weeks without resolution. The only 'fix' they offered after that was to basically uninstall and reinstall evernote on mac, back up all my notes and then re-sync. Which I did, and because the original problem was syncing when I got to that stage EN broke down again. The fact that I'm paying for 'premium' service doesn't mean that much to me. The fact that I have over 3000 notes in evernote and rely on it every day does... I run a Mac and use an iPhone and expect EN to work properly on these two very common platforms. Saying these two platforms 'slipped through the cracks' of EN testing is silly. If there was a good replacement for EN I would take a day off work and switch today since every EN version I have used has had a major problem on the Mac, but there isn't. very frustrating.
  3. I received my ticket number today: Ticket #16051-161508 It was of no help as I said when I opened the ticket: the activity log is blank at all times during the sync and I have many notes that have not synced so the second fix is no good to me either.
  4. I have logged onto the technical support page 3 times in three days. I've filled out the form 3 times with all the right info and my account email is correct. I have not received a ticket number at this time.
  5. I am having the same issue. Every version of EN I have used so far has had a huge bug. Last version: user couldn't select multiple notes without the application crashing. This version: sync is broken. It just sync's endlessly (and only sync's some of the data) then tells you something is wrong. I've submitted two tickets on this. What I don't understand is how EN can let something as MAJOR as sync on the MAC platform (a major feature and a major platform) 'slip through the cracks' that's a strange, evasive, and very unhelpful response IMHO. As I get more and more committed to EN (more notes) I get more and more uncomfortable with their glitchy software. One gets the feeling that EN is not really excited about creating great software (their development strategy) as they are about their financial strategy.
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