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  1. Until recently, I had no problem with turning the location feature off, which is how I have always had it. Today I noticed that when I create a note on Evernote for Android and sync it with my PC, it will show up in my PC with a location. It does this despite the fact that I have "Add location to new notes" turned off in the Android settings. I also reset the application, clearing all my data, signing in again and turning off location in the default settings, in order to see if this would solve the problem. It did not. The option is clearly dysfunctional as the app is attaching a location to every note regardless of user preferences. This is not good and I would like it fixed ASAP. Users with the same issue can find a temporary resolution if they go into their phone's main settings and completely turn off all access to location for all apps on the phone, but obviously the functionality of the Evernote app should allow for turning it off only for Evernote, leaving the possibility of leaving location services turned on for other things.
  2. First, in brief, I'd like to say that as a paying customer (although this should go just as much for people who don't pay), I really don't appreciate a public release of a new version being a sly mass beta to help you fix things. You can play around and change and add and remove features to your heart's content, but if something is actually broken - as a number of things are, as you'll see from this forum - it is an essential business courtesy, in my opinion, that it should not make a general release. I would rather wait longer and remain productive with version 4 than be offered the shininess of version 5 while soon finding myself troubleshooting trivial problems before eventually reverting to the old .exe I always keep to hand. That said, now that I was roped into this beta-by-another-name, I can tell you one thing that's broken at least. Notebook renaming. Don't know if it's for everyone, but a fix for me has defied restarting/logging out/reinstalling. If I go to rename a notebook or a notebook stack, when I press enter or click away, the title will revert to what it was previously. This is most frustrating for new notebook stacks because we therefore have no choice but to leave them named "Notebook Stack", which is not exactly conducive of customised organisation. Visually, there are other basic problems, such as the bottom of the notes in the right panel often looking strange - the grey background frequently seeps into the white background of the note, with a hovering line like a horizontal bar that, obviously, I didn't put there. You're not doing too bad with the service you provide, and you're no doubt keeping a great many happier customers than me, but at the moment, I very much feel that I'm using Evernote because it is the least bad of all the note-keeping alternatives, rather than finding it enjoyable to use because it's actually good, and it surprises me how limited note-taking software still is in general. I mean, I'm no software programmer, but is 2013 still too technologically early for people to have reliable syncing/reminders/text and table formatting/encrypted notes/print quality in a single package? I spend more of my time organising a substandard system into a useable one than I do actually keeping my life organised. Grumble, grumble.
  3. Hi, I'm having some rather awkward problems with fonts. On occasion, it is useful for me to print a note or group of notes to PDF, but when I do so, I end up with a result like the attached image. The font used in this file is Times New Roman - a generic font there should be no problems with - though the issue is replicated with other fonts too. I have made sure that it is not my PDF printer that is the problem, as the same text is reproduced correctly when printed from another program such as MS Word. When I instead print a note to a piece of paper, the characters are not clipped in the manner seen in the accompanying image, though the print quality is noticeably inferior to printouts from other programs - typically, many of the words or lines are peculiarly slanted, like a drunken halfway between regular and italic. Although that is also annoying, I am more particularly concerned with the PDFs, as these are of greater importance to my methods of work, and the current problems make them either annoying to read or completely illegible.
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