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  1. Until recently, I had no problem with turning the location feature off, which is how I have always had it. Today I noticed that when I create a note on Evernote for Android and sync it with my PC, it will show up in my PC with a location. It does this despite the fact that I have "Add location to new notes" turned off in the Android settings. I also reset the application, clearing all my data, signing in again and turning off location in the default settings, in order to see if this would solve the problem. It did not. The option is clearly dysfunctional as the app is attaching a location to every note regardless of user preferences. This is not good and I would like it fixed ASAP. Users with the same issue can find a temporary resolution if they go into their phone's main settings and completely turn off all access to location for all apps on the phone, but obviously the functionality of the Evernote app should allow for turning it off only for Evernote, leaving the possibility of leaving location services turned on for other things.
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