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  1. On 25.5.2016 at 9:27 PM, s2sailor said:

    The majority of my short cuts are saved searches and not notes.  I should not have used the note example.  I see the problem with adding styles to individual notes and I'm not requesting that.  My individual note shortcuts could be easily changed to a saved search, so I guess what is really desired is a way to style saved searches and as Peter mentioned, they are looking into it.

    I agree with s2sailor. Most of my 50-70 shortcuts are saved searches (time-based or topic-based or a combination of both (e.g. projects uncompleted ="tag:project*   todo:false" or   appointments current week = "reminderTime:week -reminderTime:week+1 -tag:"XYZ"). It would be great to structure those shortcut list by style.

  2. 1 hour ago, csihilling said:

    It the side list view is also accessible through Ctrl-F7.  It is visible in the view drop down next to the search bar.

    You are right, thanks, and It's curious:

    Via this dropdown or Ctrl+F5, Ctr-F6, Ctrl+F7 one can switch over to these different views of the note list  (vertical with details is new for me, sorting very easy now).
    Or just switch with F5 only - and get different results depending on the default (vertical or horizontal) in the beginning.

    A good example, tells me that trial and error can achieve very useful results.

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  3. 12 hours ago, gustavgi said:

    My opinion is that if you set it up right, the white space also makes the colors, which you can add individually to to each notebook and tag, stand out both in the left panel and in the note list which makes it easier to identify.

    I agree totally.

    BTW In your screenshot I realized the note list above  the selected note. In V5 you have the choice between this display as a short list and a more detailed display in the middle between left (shortcuts) and right (note) window. Can be switched  with Ctrl+F5 and Ctrl+F6. This seems to be gone in V6 ?

    I myself prefer the 2. option = note list in the middle. 2 reasons:

        1. If exist pictures are displayed, easy to identify special notes. No display in the short list
        2. I have 3 vertical windows: left window approx 15% of width =shortcuts etc - middle window 20-25%=note list - right window 60%=note. This means an optimizing of reading the note (news paper, text in columns to keep the movement of eyes as low as possible)
    (Sometimes one has the problem that it needs scrolling to the right when there is no wrapping as in e.g. outlook. Don't have a solution. Same problem when open a note in a separate window)


  4. 13 hours ago, csihilling said:

    shortcuts in the tool bar.

    ... versus shortcuts in the side bar...

    I prefer Shortcuts in the side bar  because having a list of several items reading is more comfortable when they are in vertical display

    Besides that the shortcuts in the  tool bar seem to have a bug - in V5 and V6 as well: I have approx. 50-60 shortcuts, the first 6 or 7 are displayed in the tool bar, the dropdown button only shows the last 30 shortcuts - those in the middle are not displayed nor in other access.


  5. On 23.3.2016 at 7:38 PM, gustavgi said:

    - Search for tags/notebooks doesn't search within words

    I agree and think this is annoying and destroys my tag philosphy. I use tags only with a category prefix e.g. pers_Fischer, comp_Fischer, project_Fischer. Searching in V5 one gets a list with  proposals, tags and recently used searches even when your input is Fischer only = in the middle of the tag. A very comfortable selection of items one can choose from.
    In V6 this way of selected list is gone. Input "Fischer" results in nothing. You have to start with the first character and have to remember this. This matches the syntax: tag:*Fischer  does not work.
    Hope this will me modified.
  6. 19 hours ago, gazumped said:

    As you indicate,  the most important thing about any schema for any purpose is that the user has to be comfortable with it,  and able to employ it (reasonably) consistently.  I'm very comfortable with the Windows search process,  and over a longish period I've evolved a system that relies on 'batch' scanning and OCR;  which is to say that I'm in the habit of scanning the majority of my attachments to a folder on my hard drive as a once per day operation.  They'll get batch OCR'd there,  and I can retitle them suitably.  Then the files get moved to an Import Folder and sucked into notes - the file names translating as note titles.  I don't want to have to go over those notes later and add tags.

    Well, this is just the explanation I was looking for. And the answer to my questions. It seems to me that your environment is very special, might be even unique. Without having this background information it is not possible to understand your solution. Sure, works for you.

    However - without any knowlegde of this special background and reasons some Evernote user might misunderstand (often without scrutinising) and transfer your way to their individual evernote...

    No hard feelings :)

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  7. 7 hours ago, gazumped said:

    What can I say?  My system works for me,  YMMV....  ;)

    I've got an impression that this is a thought-terminating cliché - an ultimate argument in a debate, used to stop a discussion...o.k. I got it.  :blush:

    Who is interested in a discussion with serious arguments and samples - JMichaelTX in particular  - might have a look at

      See page 2 - item "Analyst, actually I find it FASTER to enter tags than the analogous keyword in the Title.  Here's why:...

  8. On 10.2.2016 at 1:25 PM, gazumped said:

    My preferred system is to use structured note titles so that an 'intitle:<searchterm(s)>' search will give me a useful output.  My note titlles always include:

    • date (yyyymmdd) - of the item in question (the created and updated dates of my note may be very different)
    • type - of the item;  letter / invoice / extract / clipping
    • source - NYT / BBC / whomever
    • subject - what's this about? Psychology / Medicine / etc
    • keywords - any other search terms by which I might want this item to be triggered.

    I now use very few tags and most of my 20K+ notes are in one notebook.  New notebooks are reserved for various works-in-progress and shared notes/ notebooks.

    Hi - I'm a bit confused:

    1. how do you remember all those types, subjects etc.? Using tags you have them stored, get a list etc. - parts of title can not be organized or listed...
    2. how to avoid mistakes in writing?
    3. Why not tagging with e.g. source_BBC, source_NYT etc
        I clip dozens of internet-articles (mainly as pdf) every week and tag them very easily with 1...3 tags - title comes automatically + no need to change as you described,

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