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  1. This is a bit sad. Could they at least open-source skitch 1 so someone with smarts could make it aware of high res screens?
  2. Hi! Is it possible to add support for high-resolution screens to the old skitch? It really isn't usable as is - it doubles the resolution of any screenshot you take, even if taken on an external (normal-resolution) monitor. Thanks!
  3. YESSS LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR I'm frankly a bit disgusted it's not in 8.3 format.
  4. Any movement on this? If you try to quit the app, skitch does this: strangeholiday.com/skitch/this.jpg NICE. Lookin' good, Everskitch!
  5. Hey! You've done something. Now it comes up AFTER you close the window. Which is a good start! Can we please just have it not pop up at all? Or even only pop up if there's a problem? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I went and did the suggested update, but still don't see a fix for this. In fact, now the window doesn't go away, ever - it just doesn't sync with EN ever. Good job team!
  7. Hi, is there a follow up to this? Is that normal, or am I just seeing something weird? Can I fix it somehow? Would love to get it working as expected! Thanks Bill
  8. That was more complicated than I imagined! Screenshotting yourself is a bit like trying to have a conversation with a mirror. And, the same undismissable window comes up when you select "copy shared url" - and refuses to give you the direct image URL. http://note.io/1wXQkIn
  9. Hi, I've moved to the new skitch (after how many years and I'm still calling it the "new" skitch?!) because of the retina support, and decided to give Evernote a try with it. Yes, your evil plan is working! I was excited to have all my Skitch notes automatically in Evernote, but if you have auto-upload on, it actually prevents you from using the app in any sort of convenient way. The steps are: 1. Take a screenshot 2. Have a non-dismissible, non-hidable, can't-even-put-another-app-in-front-of-it window appear with a progress bar for 10-20 seconds 3. Get back to work When it really should just be 1. Take a screenshot 2. Keep working If you made auto-upload happen in the background, then we'd all burn through our upload quota faster (and then have to pay subscription fees). I had a paid subscription to Evernote for three months or so (bought a notebook for it), but didn't see any point. But would be happy to pay for auto-backup of all my Skitch notes - as long as it didn't cost me in time too! Can you please add that to the radar? Maybe because this stands a chance of making money it'll actually get done?
  10. Wow this still isn't fixed. Really makes Skitch seem half-arsed (still!)
  11. Any word on this? Frustrating that 2.x still isn't up to where 1.x was years ago!
  12. And can you make it automatically hide like the old one? That was great - kept Skitch out of the way.
  13. I was a bit shocked to find that you couldn't do this too! Is there a hidden preference somewhere? Also, is it possible to remove the confirmation click on taking a screenshot?
  14. Thanks for the reply Joe. I think you missed my point- the current sketch UI mimics Office in that every tool is (at best!) two clicks away.
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