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  1. OK...the logic of this is weird. Let me explain the anomaly. I am in Notebook A, viewing Note X. If I edit Note X and move it to Notebook B the view refreshes and I am now viewing all the Notes in Notebook B. This is not how the desktop client works, and is quite annoying. I assume this is a bug.
  2. When I look at my list of reminders in the Web Beta - and I select the "Sort Reminders by date" option - the reminders are listed in a "furthest out" first order. This seems counter-intuitive. I want to see the things that are due the soonest when I order these by date. If I don't have the option to change that sort order I think the default should be "soonest first". See screen shot attached.
  3. I should first say that I really like the new UI. It is very clean and modern (very Quip-like) and I think it will be great to use when it is finished. Which brings me to my point that labelling this a "Beta" has set expectations way to high for this update. In my view a Beta release has all (or most) of the functionality and we are testing for the rough edges in the implementation. This release is far from complete. When I first turned it on there were not even any Reminders (which are an important core feature). As I read many of the comments/complaints they seem appropriate if this were a true Beta - but if EN had labelled this as an Alpha test then I think everyone's expectations would have been set differently and the level complaints would have been drastically reduced. My 2 cents. Keep up the good work Evernote. This app is an indispensable part of my life and I look forward to continued improvements.
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