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  1. I use it for a dairy, taking daily picture with comments, for the third year now. Now the webcam option is gone/lost/hidden? Help me out pls. found it: you have to resore the menu
  2. I should have checked this forum BEFORE reorganising my EN according to some advise : use tags in stead of note books I rearanged my 4000+! notes during half a day and now I'm in the middle of sh*t. I carefully added tags to notebooks (notebook name) and some more and then moved all note to a single "for reference" only notebook. I really thought this was smart (as a solution). And since EN calls the tagging as a important feature, weel I trusted!! on EN to have that under control. for now: DO NOT ADD/change A LOT OF TAGS IN ONE TIME WITHOUT CHECKING EACH STEP ON EVERY DEVICE/PLATFORM I made a backup, but how to install the backup without having the same situation again over platforms (android, w8 mobile, W8pro, w7pro) Now I'm really really disappointed after being premium since 2011, money paid for....nothing apparantly: my system is a mess now I dont think EN has syncing and tagging mastered at all *mad* I'm going to make a ticket but I dont even trust the "answer" likely to be: "put back the back-up"
  3. @MDManagement Thanks! (could have figured it out myself, but you did )
  4. When sharing a note by email, an odd email prog. is used to send the mail with the note attached. The other day I made an error in one of the email adresses and only after 4 (!!!) days EN pointed out to me that the mail could not be delivered. Something a modern client (like gmail) would have done instantly. I also have to type or copy/paste my email adresses, imagine a list of recipients. EN would say: Invite them for using EN but with temporary groups like classes, workshop members and so on, it is not doable. Why not make a email cliet connection/plugin to send email with notes attached? Or am I missing something?
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