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  1. Hi Martin, Good question. Right now, we store QEver due dates in a good data format, so that if Evernote produce their own Due Date, we'll just do a release to merge to that. We also allow creating iOS calendar events from QEver, for the users who heavily rely on iCal for scheduling and don't want to mingle that with Evernote.
  2. @gazumped: Sorry no Android or Windows for now. Will focus on iOS for the moment.
  3. We just added reminder / due date feature to QEver, welcome to give it a try, and email us anything you want to see for this feature; we're trying hard to make a good reminder / due date app for Evernote. In my opinion, Evernote wants its own app to focus on the commonly used features, to avoid being too feature-heavy, which kind of make sense. Features like reminders are left to 3rd party for now, and they only incorporate it if 3rd party has proved it to be so important.
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