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  1. This happened to me today. I copied evernote note links in evernote app on android, but they wouldn't work in evernote windows client. [perhaps it's the same issue on Apple.] I verified that they still do work on the android side. The issue appears to be that the windows client expects the link itself (evernote:///view/####...--###-####...) to be terminated with a slash "/" and the android client accepts it either way. I discovered this by looking at the links - one created on android client that did not work on windows and a newly created one on windows - both work on android
  2. Please add a proxy option to evenote desktop client. I can connect to the evernote web client via a proxied firefox, but the os proxy is locked.
  3. And from an office, you may not be able to adjust the OS default proxy. Please add proxy option for evernote desktop!
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