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  1. Skitch 2.0 SUCKS !! I could not agree more with every negative comment on this forum. I USED to love skitch. Now it's cheap, and doesn't do half the things I used to rely on it for. Notables No longer can I just drag/drop my skitch snaps onto an existing Evernote note. Now, they're all saved in some special notebook, and dragging into another note doesn't work. (If this user error, or a settings change, that still sucks. I can't find ANYWHERE to make this work anymore!) Snapping (CMD-SHFT-5) always starts whereever my cursor was when I hit the hot keys now. That sucks!! I used to be able to hotkey, then go where I wanted on the screen, left-click, and THEN start the snap. The way it is now is a pain IMO. Font sizes!!! Seriously!?!?!?! 3 crappy options?? Font types??? What on earth has happened to this thing? Resizing is stupid now. I used to be able to take and image, and then drag on an edge to make it larger so I could have whitespace to add comments, etc. Now resizing just sizes the entire image... with no add'l space on a side. That's junk IMO. I am SOOOOO disappointed that I took time to figure out how to get into this forum to add this post. I hate skitch now... Thanks for reading !!!
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