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  1. The titles don't seem to survive the image being moved to Evernote - I assign and save a title in Skitch and then...poof! In Evernote, the title is gone. Am I missing something?
  2. I really really miss the old Skitch. Specifically, my two main issues with the new version are: 1) I miss Skitch in my menu bar. 2) I use Skitch a lot with Podio - the old Skitch let me drag the image from Skitch to the Podio file uploader, and that feature no longer works, so I have to sync my En account, then click through to upload the screenshot...which wouldn't be a problem, really...except that: ***The image title is "lost" when it goes to Evernote - so instead of retaining the title I assigned & saved in Skitch, it gets stored in Evernote as "Screenshot 9/24/12 5:15PM" - and that is a little crazy-making. So...can you bring back those features? Please?
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