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  1. Discovered Evernote and joined August, 2012. IPad 2 IOS 6.0.1 iPhone 3G IOS 6.0.1 iMac, Mountain Lion No problem syncing between devices. Belatedly discovered there has never been a sync to Evernote servers. On all three devices the icon will spin for two to three seconds. There are no error messages. Is it possible I set Local Notebook as a default? If so, how do I change? Can I retroactively change the status on established notes? Is there a work around? If that's not the problem, would love suggestions. Thank you.
  2. Because Evernote conveniently syncs between my Mac, IPad and phone, I'm interested in using it as a task manager. I'd love to have your insights. If you use it for your To Do lists, what practices have you developed to make it user friendly and efficient for this purpose? How do you format it? And how do you use it with your various devices if you can sync them?
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