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  1. I don´t have iWork files in my Evernote. I am most of the time working with Word Excel and PDFs files.
  2. The actual message I am getting, reads "Creating Zip Archive". Any information on this, is appreciated. I am just worried on the consistency of my data, as I don't know where those Zip files are going to. Thanks,
  3. I have noticed that Evernote (latest on Mac) is displaying windows with messages related to Zip files being generated when I am closing the application. The alert windows simply display on screen an quickly leave upon completion of the task, I suppose. Why is this happening? Where are these Zip files going to. I haven't noticed anything irregular on the notes I had on screen when closing the application, with respect to the files within them. Regards,
  4. I am using Evernote more everyday, and I have noticed the importance of there being an intermediary repository, plugin or service, which allows to save an attachment within a note, for it to be copied elsewhere without the need to download and then upload, drag etc. to the desired location. For example, if you are working on an Excel sheet file that has been opened from its locating within a note, once you have finished modifying the same and wish to send it by e-mail, the perfect workflow will be to have a way to copy the file to an intermediary location and then paste it for example in a new message in an e-mail thread, without the need to download the file from the note and then select it in the Finder for then to drop it in the new e-mail to be composed. For PDF files, Preview offers the Share menu which will let you create a new e-mail in Apple Mail, but I think the flaw in this process, is that you are forced to start a new e-mail thread, instead of being able to copy the same and then once you are replying a message be able to input the PDF (or any file) that you have within a note, into the corresponding message. The idea is to enhance the workflow by reducing the number of steps or not needing to rely that much on the Finder for attachments in terms of having to download the file and then grab the same again to the OS cache for it to then be dropped in the desired final destination. Regards,
  5. Is there a way to check if an attachment exists within the evernote database. After you have dumped a series of files to evernote and didn't deleted the original file in the OS finder, how can I automate a check to determine what was already imported to evernote? Thanks,
  6. I noticed the issue I am about to explained, and I believe it must be a bug or an issue with the procedure for a note identifying the file that is to be attached. I have and MS Word file named (example) DOCUMENT.docx in my Finder, to which I then made a copy of it and renamed it to (example) 20130801 DOCUMENT.docx. Then if I drag and drop the file DOCUMENT.docx to a note it is created without any issues, but when I get the second file (copy of the first renamed 20130801 DOCUMENT.docx) the two attachment entries in the note appear with the name of the second file I am attaching; that being, both files appear as 20130801 DOCUMENT.docx What I was trying to do, is kept the original file DOCUMENT.docx unmodified in my note just for reference purpose, and then start working in 20130801 DOCUMENT.docx by modifying this in Ms Word but having the file residing within my note. I presume this could be an issue with Evernote identifying the files as identical, despite their name change in name. Once I opened 20130801 DOCUMENT.docx from Finder and did some minor changes to it while residing outside of Evernote, was I then able to attach the two files to my note without any issues of consistency in the attachment itself.
  7. If PDF files, which contain filled forms are added to Skitch for Mac via the File -> Open dialog, the documents appear in Skitch without the information filled. If you add the files to an Evernote note, and then open the attached PDF via Mark Up a Copy with Skitch, the same situation happens. I think the behavior of Skitch should be to flatten the document and make it editable as it is looked with the forms filled, despite the fact that afterwards you may not be allowed to edit the forms again. Regards,
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