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  1. It happened to me for a few days. I don't auto update apps. I manually do it individually. When I tried to update evernote, it wouldn't. Kept saying "UPDATE" meaning the latest update was not installed. My fix....I closed out of evernote in my task manager(long-pressed home button and swiped it out...be sure to close and or sync any notes before you do this), then I forced stop in my app manager and then manually updated evernote through google play store..(Samsung has their own version of a play store. I find it buggy and use the google play store to update apps.).accepted permissions and VIOLA! (Galaxy Note III) Didn't have this issue in my ASUS tablet. May be samsung related??
  2. I would hope so...and to those who do, thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! As evidenced by this thread?The OP said "Why would I, or anyone else, be interested in why an "evangelist" thinks my feature request is all wet?"That says it all. Laughable... Gosh forbid that one considers that the content provided is not helpful in many cases. The car/airbags scenario in a previous post in this thread very simply illustrates the weakness that these boards have. In closing...some of us might try to sharpen up on our people skills....take the time to understand the objective and the point of the OP rather than offering counterproductive and obvious responses. I suspect that many of the evangelists are helpful. Take care.
  3. Do you have links for those? I came up dry getting more recent revenue numbers. I do...I believe the in the black in 2014 comment was in the video I linked to above. Re: EN revenue... http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57615063-93/evernote-market-hits-$1-million-revenue-in-its-first-month/ "Evernote's online marketplace, for products like Fujitsu document scanners and Moleskine notebooks, reached $1 million in sales in its first month and now accounts for 30 percent of the company's revenue, Chief Executive Phil Libin said Tuesday." If it's making a million in revenue in it's first month of opening it's market and it's about 30% of sales...that means that their co's. revenues are about 3.3 million. re: dropbox revenue: http://techcrunch.com/2013/11/19/if-dropboxs-2013-revenue-is-200m-an-8b-valuation-is-pretty-steep/ I didn't bring up dropbox...someone else did...and the reference wasn't about their service...it was their method of catering to users and the growth rate and revenue growth was in another league when compared to evernote. Evernote is searchable notes in the cloud. Dropbox is a file storage and sharing in the cloud. We realize that they are different...nobody other than the evangelists seem to think that the implication is that we think they perform the same service. The implication is that dropbox is outperforming evernote and the OP seems to suggest, right or wrong, that one of the reasons is because dropbox offers a more simple method of sharing. Perhaps you are right, but OP laid the comparison and evangelists engaged it. Although different products, they both allow you to share either a note or a file. They thing they have in common is that you are able to share. According to the OP, dropbox does it better. I was merely rebutting some of the snide remarks ...particularly from one of the evangelists. Well Said. Yes....that's how all this started. Even the OP knows that EN blows as a collaboration tool. Hammering that point in is like engaging in an argument that goes something like this. OP: I cannot rely on a car without airbags for safety. Evangelist: A car is not made for safety. It is made to go from point A to point B. People seem to think that adding silly features like a radio, a horn and airbags will zoom the car from the millions of people who drive it to blah blah blah. other evangelist: (I must defend evernote and the other evangelist. Must stick together no matter how ridiculous other evangelist argues.) Um, yeah Cars have seat belts, therefore it is safe. Since the Car should do X was brought up, the car could add airbags but at what cost? And how would they fit those airbags into the car? What, put them in the steering wheel?(scoff) Maybe car manufacturers already thought of putting airbags in cars. After all, they are smart people....and they do read the reports from Ralph Nader. Everno: Hey, OP...here's a workaround to your problem and don't pay any attention to those clowns. savingsandloan-robber: Hey man...I smell a hobbit! I have the perfect solution, man.(bong noises) This will blow your mind, man. How about we all just agree to disagree, man. Yeah, man. OK, man...I have to get ready for comic con...I'm going as Howard the Duck. Hope that helped and you deem me as useful.(bong noises) ----------------------------------------- --------------------- That's how this thread reads. The point is what evernote is not! That's what the OP started this with. Reiterating what it is not and arguing with the OP in a condescending manner and taking it away from what the OP intended and taking it to completely illogical nonsense is unjust. (not saying you are doing it...I think you're assuming that the evangelists were making a valid argument because they are evangelists.) There was a similar discussion with regards to reminders and the same evangelist argued "Evernote is not for reminding. Use something else for that." I can't begin to describe how idiotic that reasoning and that stance was. And thanks to the efforts of other posters, evernote finally gave us reminders. I'd imagine that when the first poster who requested attaching documents into evernote, the EE argued that same argument, again. Google Keep is pretty cool. Not quite up to par, yet. Believe it or not, much like the CEO, I want to see evernote around for another 100 years...with vast improvement over the next ONE year. It's only a matter of time before evernote's lunch will be eaten at this rate of improvement. In the meantime, I wonder if the OP left these threads and evernote altogether based on the frustration that he must have felt here. We all know what evernote is and/or what it is not. We all know what evernote is capable of.
  4. It is difficult to find these number on companies that are not publicly traded, but your numbers are off as well. The outcome is the same. It appears as though techcrunch is less thorough than you or I. Just a quick search without trying to find every single round of financing... According to this youtube interview with Phil Libin CEO By 2010 they had raised $45.5M total Evernote Raises $85 Million in Primary and Secondary Financing Our Notes | 30 Nov 2012 | By Phil Libin Evernote Raises $70 Million Financing Our Notes | 03 May 2012 | By Phil Libin Apr 19, 2012 Recently named company of the year by Inc. Magazine, Evernote, a web, desktop, and smartphone app that aims to help you remember everything, has completed a new $100 million round of financing. 7.13.2011 Evernote announced their new $50 million round of funding led by Sequoia Capital today. That's $350 million right there. -------------------------------------------- Dropbox has $150 million in it's coffers and is talking about going public and is operating at a net profit. Evernote CEO has stated it will not be in the black until sometime this year.2014 Dropbox is making MAKING over $200 million a year even if you take the lowest estimate. Evernote, just this September STARTED making $3 million a month. Yes, well that makes things look even worse in comparison to dropbox for evernote. After further search...According to wikipedia: "Pachikov is a co-founder and board-member of a company which provides optical character recognition (OCR) and handwriting recognition to Lockheed Martin which packages processing machines for the US Postal Service.[1] In 2002, he founded and became chief architect of the application, services, and vision behind the Evernote line of services." A whois on the domain name shows it was registered in 2000...it could have been just a registration. I agree..the new feature that jlasiter suggested, along with some other feature suggestions could make it compelling. In time, perhaps longer than the next 3 days, Evernote may implement better collaboration. Keeping my fingers crossed, but won't be holding my breath as long as I did for the due date feature.
  5. It is clear from that response that you are the one who has a reading and comprehension problem. I really hope you mean about nothing else to say here...I've grown somewhat tired of trying to get through to you.
  6. Yes, your suggestion to use something else. If his content that he wishes to use for collaboration is in evernote, it isn't as simple as suggesting that he use something else. He has to export his content. It isn't as simple as switching say from outlook to thunderbird where the emails can be in either client. ???? Who is saying that wishing makes things magically appear? Why are you and the other evangelist stuck on that? That's like me saying "Just because you wish jlasiter use something else will not make him use something else. Talk about apropos. uh, no...jlasiter's request is to allow collaboration without registering. This is how it would work. jlasiter would send his client a link and the client would be able to comment on it. Ever use word or adobe pdf pro for collaboration on a particular word or pdf file? I use adobe pro and it shows who made what comments and when. You act like we're talking about revamping the entire application. That's because you're stuck on REGISTERED users. Obviously if people didn't have to register to use it, there would be an infinite amount of users being able to use it. If you need proof of that rather than common sense, I can't help you, bud. Good Luck to you se well.
  7. I don't know where I indicate that I am offended. I don't know where either jlasiter nor myself indicated that a request would automatically be done. Again. I don't see where that is our expectation. It is a given that we would like to see a request, but because we said it doesn't mean it will be done by our will. It has become evident to me that you just like to argue for the sake of arguing and because of that we have gone far off topic. It is not a comparison by feature request...it is a comparison by business model. Try and follow. Where do you come up with this stuff? You say that as if it is enlightening. Nobody suggested that dropbox has the same feature in application. If you read the thread correctly, it is business model by gaining users. So did AOL. It must be difficult for them in this thread. Thanks. Nobody requested something implemented in 3 days. Where do you come up with this stuff? Repeating yourself incessantly on points that are off point and attributing things to a discussion that nobody said is a good indication of someone of whom logic escapes them and/or has no leg to stand on.(I'm leaning toward the latter.) So which is it...submitting feature requests is fine...or it's not? in one sentence you say they read the feedback, then in another you say it's a waste of time. By the way, I disagree with you. I think feature requests and discussions thereof are not a waste of time. I think Evernote should value our input. You reducing it to a waste of time is a travesty.
  8. Jefito... With all due respect...An apologist is not necessarily, if at all, someone who apologizes. An other evangelist in this thread brought it up or implied it. and/or the user may make requests for particular features. It isn't as simple as deciding which email client to use. It's not easy to export the evernote data a user has developed over time into another program. It is much easier to request features and hope that the developer implements them. This is not a novel concept, really. With all due respect...A straw man is not something that doesn't exist. Although it has a couple of meanings...one in common speech and one in software development.... With the commonly used version of the term, it is you that made a straw man argument shortly after you mentioned a straw man. You are missing the point of the OP entirely and further making a straw man argument. Dropbox was founded in 2007 and depending on who you believe has revenues between $200 and $250 million in 2013 Evernote was founded in 2007 and will have made nearly 10% of that in 2013 As a company...Dropbox is profitable and evernote is bleeding money needing new capital infusions quarterly...sometimes monthly. In comparison, I think you may want to reconsider if it's something to sneeze at. The point, dropbox grew its base because , according to jlasiters OP, "You should adopt a model like Dropbox whereby non-member users can use the service fully but cannot INITIATE new projects themselves without joining." THAT IS THE ISSUE REQUESTED HERE. implementing jlasiter's request would strengthen collaboration. The argument really is what would bring more users. ...anyone can collaborate or only those with accounts. If you think the former, you're right...if you think the latter, then you defy logic. To define a user...one doesn't have to be registered in order to be a user.... If the issue is which will bring more revenue, implementing jlasiter's request for premium users would certainly bring in more premium users. If you doubt that then, again, you defy logic. Should evernote do it? Sure. Is it easy to implement? Who knows? Will they? Possible. Is it viable? In other words will it bring in enough revenue to make it worthwhile? On its own, maybe, maybe not. But you or I cannot determine that. Is it reasonable to request it? Absolutely! To suggest that a request will not propel Evernote into a greater business model and a greater product because Evernote is already high and mighty is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS. That's more directed to the other Evangelist than to you. I already know what Evernote is. jlasiter is discussing what it's not and what it could be. Is there a problem with that?
  9. Evernote Apologists...We know Evernote is limited. Repeating that it is limited with an air of "that's how it was intended..so use something else" is not very helpful. Straw man? "Bottom line, in my opinion: the current requirement that a collaborator have an Evernote account seems reasonable" That's the straw man. The ability for Collaboration without an evernote account for paid users to allow it is even more reasonable. Citing that evernote has 80 million or so users...not most of them are paid accounts....in this day and age means NOTHING. In the early 2000s AOL had nearly 30 million PAID subscribers. They were bragging when they merged with Time Warner. It all meant nothing. Here today and gone tomorrow. I believe it is because AOL lost their focus. Rather than giving their customers what they wanted and looking out for what the market was doing, they decided that they would give their users what AOL felt they needed. Now that may work temporarily by some companies like Apple, but that is the exception...not the rule. Where's some of evernote's focus of late? Here's an indication... https://www.evernote.com/market/feature/socks?sku=SOCK00106 "So what", you say? Well, as it turns out...Evernote’s Market For Physical Goods Now Accounts For 30% Of Its Monthly Sales That's splendid!, I think. Their market is generating about $1million a month in sales...If that's roughly a third of their total sales, that means they make about $2 million a month in user subscriptions? That's peanuts compared to their 80 +/- users. Evernote CEO Phil Libin speaking at LeWeb 2013 holding up Evernote Post-its. http://asset3.cbsistatic.com/cnwk.1d/i/tim2/2013/12/10/20131210_Phil_Libin_LeWeb_001_610x375.jpg "People are trained to talk about business like sports, saying it’s a zero sum game. Being in a startup is less like boxing and more like playing music, less like warfare and more like art. Of course there are other competitors and players, but those interactions are not zero sum. If you suck at it, you’re going to fail. You’re not going to fail because someone is better than you. If you’re great, the other people in it will make you greater. Think of it less like baseball and more like playing in an orchestra.” CEO Phil Libin Sorry, Mr Libin....Your chances of failing when someone else is better than you go up exponentially. See Yahoo V Google. In closing...I believe the premise of evernote is excellent...perhaps adding features that users would find the need to pay for would convert a larger percent of those free accounts into premium accounts and generate even more sales from the product, not the branding. I have little against the branding, but I believe that by the time evernote can implement all of their good intentions into worthwhile paid features, someone else will eat their lunch. But I am of the belief that tech cos have a shorter and shorter lifespan. Phil Libin believes that evernote will be a hundred year old company. http://techcrunch.com/2011/11/06/evernote-ceo-phil-libins-top-three-tips-for-building-a-hundred-year-old-company/ Good Luck
  10. jlasiter...it seems that most of the responses missed your points. For the record, I agree with your pointsnice solution(one word password)it WOULD be in evernote's best interest( as described by a poster above) to allow users who are not familiar with evernote to get a better feel for it.funny how "EN is not really a collaboration tool...." quickly changed to "oh yeah, it has collaboration but it's not good collaboration." hahahaIt's true, user ideas and input from users = a great way to add features to a product or service.At any rate... Think of Evernote as a box where people keep their stuff. Some people are unable to think outside of that box. ;-) Here is somewhat of a workaround to what you are trying to do. Let's say you have a notebook called CLIENT and inside that notebook you have a note you are working on for a particular client called Jones Project You email an EN link to that client as you normally would. If the client would like to add comments, he can send an email to your evernote email which is unique to your account...see Account Summary in Account Settings next to Email Notes to in your account. In that email your client would put Jones Project @CLIENT in the beginning of subject line. It's a cumbersome solution, but nevertheless somewhat of a solution rather than the nonsense that someone that may clearly be off their anger management meds and/or who doesn't get out much may suggest. If you do not trust that the client can do this or if you think that it is too cumbersome, you can have the client email you the notes as usual to your email address...not the evernote email I mentioned above, and you can forward them to the appropriate notebook/note yourself. http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2010/03/16/emailing-into-evernote-just-got-better/ Your feature would be a good addition to EN.
  11. UNABLE TO PLAY/OPEN AUDIO FILES( .amr ) CREATED ON ANDROID MOBILE IN GOOGLE CHROME. If you are seeing a greyed out box with a puzzle piece in your evernote on Chrome browser from audio files created on your TABLET/PHONE(in my case my android Galaxy S3, AUSUS Transformer Tablet and Galaxy Note 3 although I suspect it happens on most if not all android mobiles.) The box states, "No plug-in to display this content."... I have contacted Evernote support and they offered their usual apologies and claimed they looked for a workaround, but I think they are confusing workaround with a fix. Well, they offered neither, so it doesn't matter. I am merely posting this bit so you don't waste your time with support. ...I searched the Evernote Knowledge Base and found not a mention. Not saying that there isn't one, but I was unable to find one. Which kind of indicates one of two things. 1) They didn't add the issue into their knowledge base... 2) Their knowledge base doesn't have a good search engine. Also took me a bit to find this with the blog, but here I am and here we are. Chrome doesn't offer a solution either. Here are two tedious workarounds and a more simple solution. Tedious Workaround 1: The only thing I have been able to figure out while still using Chrome. Right-click on the puzzle piece or the greyed out area. Click on inspect element. (a new window will open up) Click on the puzzle piece or the greyed out area to make sure it is highlighted in the new window. Find the amr link in that window. Right-click it and click open link in new tab. If a menu opens up that doesn't have "open link in new tab" available(seldom happens). Leave the window, come back and try again. ​This will open your player and the file should play outside of Chrome. Tedious Workaround 2: Open note in Evernote on Chrome, click share and email the file to yourself. The email will have the amr sound file attached. It should automatically play it with your quicktime player or VLC. More simple Solution: Use evernote in a different browser. I haven't tried IE, Safari or firefox, but it works in Opera Browser. Good Luck
  12. My apologies to the other evangelists...I went back to the other threads I was reading and it's become painfully apparent that it was the same evangelist as is here. nuff said. At any rate....in the other thread, the people we literally posting things like "on bended knee" pleading for this feature....and it comes out half you-know-what. It would be nice if the reminders popped up on your app as a notification. I'm done wasting my time on these threads looking for solutions because I am more frustrated now than I was when I first came searching for assistance. I won't mention any names because it wouldn't be fair..after all, evernot did provide a decent service while it lasted, but there are things out there that do what you expect from evernote. .thankfully, I have found a migration method that will make this whole thing painless. Just sucks that everNOT wants to cut off it's nose to spite its face. I hope, for evernot's sake, they won't be the myspace of notes. Good Luck
  13. Incredible some of these hardcore evernote evangelists are...I thought it was just a couple of them in another thread, but it has become apparent that they all have the same attitude. I guess you need to when you don't have any answers for people...instead of being unhelpful, somewhere, somehow the logic is in their minds to poke the finger at the user instead of blaming evernote for their shortcomings. instead of regurgitating rhetoric about how it isn't out yet and how people shouldn't be relying on it, how about if evernote stopped procrastinating and got the silly thing done, done correctly and done throughout all the necessary platforms? That's a novel idea. Then you wouldn't have to make SILLY excuses about how everybody else needs to workaround it and figure out what to do. It seems silly to me that you think it is far easier for EVERYBODY to find a workaround rather than evernote to meet the demands of its users. And here's the kicker for those of you who haven't noticed. The reminders are sent to you once a day for all reminders of THAT day. And unless you go into the app and click reminders, you are not reminded. There's no alarm that pops up or notification that comes up on your phone or web page or anything. If there is one, I sure as heck haven't seen it. So basically it isn't a true reminder...and if it is, it isn't a rich reminder. Because if it were a rich reminder, evernote would get a reminder that said "HEY, REMEMBER TO FIX THE REMINDERS"...or maybe they would get a reminder that said, "Reminder: Change company name from evernote to NEVERnote." And don't be fooled folks...all of that "it's coming soon" stuff is just a pacifier or a carrot dangling from a string so you aren't tempted to transfer to something else. Good Luck to all of us....with any sense.
  14. Apparently, megsaint equates EN as life? Life is not the topic. The topic is evernote and remiders or due dates. If EN=Life and Life=unfair, then EN=unfair. Therefore, EN is unfair. Fair enough. Oops...there goes that theory. I'd like to see reminders...I'd also like to see the conformists stop taunting those who want reminders(the non-conformists). This forum may be helpful if everyone keeps adding that they would like to see this feature. It likely will not be helpful if we have people saying. "Don't got it!...ain't gonna happen! Might happen soon.... they said they don't want to do it. They are more busy with blah blah stuff. etc." Enough already. I have recently found a solution that incorporates EN and also has reminders...it also does what EN does on it's own as a standalone. I just started using it and it automatically imports from evernote. (jeez, this is reading like spam so I won't be posting what it is.) I'm just scratching my head as to why I need evernote anymore. *shrug* I hope they figure this out before I do. Thanks to all. Good Luck
  15. I think that we should make a distinction, as I suspect others here may have tried, between needing the "due date"(DD) or what the primary use of EN is for AND the promise to implement it in future versions. If anyone asked one what a reasonable timeline for "soon" would be, most would say three years is way beyond that expectation. With that being said, there is not a DD function coming "soon" from the time they started saying there would be. I believe that the thinking of EN is strictly because there are so many todo apps out there that they don't want to be grouped in as another todo app. That's understandable. However, we cannot dismiss the fact that people have begged for this feature and EN has said it would happen soon. It did not happen. I further suspect that the "soon" pacifier is just that...a pacifier...had I been around in EN 3 years ago and was promised this feature soon and was still here waiting for it, I would have lost faith in the product's management. Had EN just come out and said, "We will never implement a DD feature." Many people would not have stuck around as long. I certainly wouldn't have. How great is it that I can snap a picture of a client's job so that I can remember it, but then I can't be REMINDED of it by my phone when I tell it to? re·mind·er    [ri-mahyn-der] remind. a person or thing that serves to remind. re·mem·ber   verb (used with object) 1. to recall to the mind by an act or effort of memory; think ofagain: I'll try to remember the exact date. 2. to retain in the memory; keep in mind; remain aware of:Remember your appointment with the dentist. 3. to have (something) come into the mind again: I justremembered that it's your birthday today. Definition #3 would fall under the category of "remember everything" A reminder, HELPS you REMEMBER Therefore, Evernotes is lacking in precisely what it intends to do. It does not remember...it simply stores. The motto might even change to Store Everything .....er....Store Most Things ....er...Store Some Things EverNote new motto... Store Some Things....YOU remember to go retrieve them out of storage. EverNote is still a good app. It could be THE App. Catchnotes does everything evernote can do, but it does not have the free features(limitations of how many notebooks(spaces) or something before you go premium) it also has the ability to allow other uses to edit or add content(if you let them and it notifies you when they have) I don't know if I will stay an EN user if the DD doesn't become an option soon(my definition of soon is generally a few months for this, but based on the timeline that has already elapsed, I give it a few weeks. I know it isn't probable and this certainly isn't an attempt to entice the management to implement it. Collaboration would also be a great feature. At any rate...this post was mostly to put things into perspective. I hope it does for others who are frustrated with "soon" as well. Thank you for your time. Take care.
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