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  1. My apologies to the other evangelists...I went back to the other threads I was reading and it's become painfully apparent that it was the same evangelist as is here. nuff said. At any rate....in the other thread, the people we literally posting things like "on bended knee" pleading for this feature....and it comes out half you-know-what. It would be nice if the reminders popped up on your app as a notification. I'm done wasting my time on these threads looking for solutions because I am more frustrated now than I was when I first came searching for assistance. I won't mention any names because it wouldn't be fair..after all, evernot did provide a decent service while it lasted, but there are things out there that do what you expect from evernote. .thankfully, I have found a migration method that will make this whole thing painless. Just sucks that everNOT wants to cut off it's nose to spite its face. I hope, for evernot's sake, they won't be the myspace of notes. Good Luck
  2. Incredible some of these hardcore evernote evangelists are...I thought it was just a couple of them in another thread, but it has become apparent that they all have the same attitude. I guess you need to when you don't have any answers for people...instead of being unhelpful, somewhere, somehow the logic is in their minds to poke the finger at the user instead of blaming evernote for their shortcomings. instead of regurgitating rhetoric about how it isn't out yet and how people shouldn't be relying on it, how about if evernote stopped procrastinating and got the silly thing done, done correctly and done throughout all the necessary platforms? That's a novel idea. Then you wouldn't have to make SILLY excuses about how everybody else needs to workaround it and figure out what to do. It seems silly to me that you think it is far easier for EVERYBODY to find a workaround rather than evernote to meet the demands of its users. And here's the kicker for those of you who haven't noticed. The reminders are sent to you once a day for all reminders of THAT day. And unless you go into the app and click reminders, you are not reminded. There's no alarm that pops up or notification that comes up on your phone or web page or anything. If there is one, I sure as heck haven't seen it. So basically it isn't a true reminder...and if it is, it isn't a rich reminder. Because if it were a rich reminder, evernote would get a reminder that said "HEY, REMEMBER TO FIX THE REMINDERS"...or maybe they would get a reminder that said, "Reminder: Change company name from evernote to NEVERnote." And don't be fooled folks...all of that "it's coming soon" stuff is just a pacifier or a carrot dangling from a string so you aren't tempted to transfer to something else. Good Luck to all of us....with any sense.
  3. Apparently, megsaint equates EN as life? Life is not the topic. The topic is evernote and remiders or due dates. If EN=Life and Life=unfair, then EN=unfair. Therefore, EN is unfair. Fair enough. Oops...there goes that theory. I'd like to see reminders...I'd also like to see the conformists stop taunting those who want reminders(the non-conformists). This forum may be helpful if everyone keeps adding that they would like to see this feature. It likely will not be helpful if we have people saying. "Don't got it!...ain't gonna happen! Might happen soon.... they said they don't want to do it. They are more busy with blah blah stuff. etc." Enough already. I have recently found a solution that incorporates EN and also has reminders...it also does what EN does on it's own as a standalone. I just started using it and it automatically imports from evernote. (jeez, this is reading like spam so I won't be posting what it is.) I'm just scratching my head as to why I need evernote anymore. *shrug* I hope they figure this out before I do. Thanks to all. Good Luck
  4. I think that we should make a distinction, as I suspect others here may have tried, between needing the "due date"(DD) or what the primary use of EN is for AND the promise to implement it in future versions. If anyone asked one what a reasonable timeline for "soon" would be, most would say three years is way beyond that expectation. With that being said, there is not a DD function coming "soon" from the time they started saying there would be. I believe that the thinking of EN is strictly because there are so many todo apps out there that they don't want to be grouped in as another todo app. That's understandable. However, we cannot dismiss the fact that people have begged for this feature and EN has said it would happen soon. It did not happen. I further suspect that the "soon" pacifier is just that...a pacifier...had I been around in EN 3 years ago and was promised this feature soon and was still here waiting for it, I would have lost faith in the product's management. Had EN just come out and said, "We will never implement a DD feature." Many people would not have stuck around as long. I certainly wouldn't have. How great is it that I can snap a picture of a client's job so that I can remember it, but then I can't be REMINDED of it by my phone when I tell it to? re·mind·er    [ri-mahyn-der] remind. a person or thing that serves to remind. re·mem·ber   verb (used with object) 1. to recall to the mind by an act or effort of memory; think ofagain: I'll try to remember the exact date. 2. to retain in the memory; keep in mind; remain aware of:Remember your appointment with the dentist. 3. to have (something) come into the mind again: I justremembered that it's your birthday today. Definition #3 would fall under the category of "remember everything" A reminder, HELPS you REMEMBER Therefore, Evernotes is lacking in precisely what it intends to do. It does not remember...it simply stores. The motto might even change to Store Everything .....er....Store Most Things ....er...Store Some Things EverNote new motto... Store Some Things....YOU remember to go retrieve them out of storage. EverNote is still a good app. It could be THE App. Catchnotes does everything evernote can do, but it does not have the free features(limitations of how many notebooks(spaces) or something before you go premium) it also has the ability to allow other uses to edit or add content(if you let them and it notifies you when they have) I don't know if I will stay an EN user if the DD doesn't become an option soon(my definition of soon is generally a few months for this, but based on the timeline that has already elapsed, I give it a few weeks. I know it isn't probable and this certainly isn't an attempt to entice the management to implement it. Collaboration would also be a great feature. At any rate...this post was mostly to put things into perspective. I hope it does for others who are frustrated with "soon" as well. Thank you for your time. Take care.
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