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  1. @BurgerNFries How do you tag your example Cars --> Car A --> insurance policies --> Car A insurance policy repairs --> repair documents here license/tags --> license/tag info here Car B --> insurance policies --> Car B insurance policy repairs --> repair documents here license/tags --> license/tag info here Wouldnt that look similar to this: Jeep --> insurance policies --> Jeep insurance... another car BMW --> insurance policies --> BMW ins... so insurance policies would have to replicate folder 2 or even more times, and we can have only one tag named "insurance policies". Please help Thanks
  2. THANKS so why do we need notebooks? i'll go check thread now!
  3. Another my conclusion after hours of brainstorming is this: Just 1 NOTEBOOK - container for everything Structure is made in TAGS, so basicly i simulate folders in TAGS what do you all think about that? maybe you have more experience since i am new here, i just want to start with good structure. Thanks
  4. An alternate tag method is: >personal per-photos per-bills per-travel >work wrk-bills wrk-travel A side benefit: to see only work related notes, search for tag:wrk-* I like this!!!
  5. I was just trying to give easy example. its more complicated.
  6. Yes, but i get very confused when i need to select tags, as i use nested teags for example >personal photos bills >work -bills - it cant repeat here and in personal, or when i make separate tag for bills then it ruins other structure (bills arent good example, cause i relly have them separated) anyway i did try that way, i akso try inverted, i used notebooks, personal and work, but again i had problem with tags.
  7. Hello, please help me with strategy, i can't combine business and personal things on my evernote. I get lost in my notebooks and tags. i cant figure out which logic notebooks and tags to have. I tried 2 methods, please help me out, is there any examlpes of Evernote organization? Thanks
  8. Hello, Where can i see how other use Evernote on example with photos like one i added below. So i want to see other expiriences Thank You
  9. Hello, this is my first post. I would like that Evernote android app have option to pick size of photo taken with Evernote app. For example i have high resolution camera and i like my regular photos to be high res, but when i go through Evernote app i would like smaller resolution. Today only way is to go to camera options and change resolution, which is complicated to change between resolutions all the time. So seperate resolution for Evernote photos would be great! Thank You! Love Evernote!!
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