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  1. Hi. I just updated to the newest version and now I can no longer drag PDFs into Evernote. All I get is the little "Processing" slider at the bottom and it doesn't move. UPDATE: It is working but the processing is very very slow. Took over 5 minutes to import a 1-page PDF. Antonio
  2. I reinstalled the older version of Skitch and I cannot get it to share to my premium Evernote account. I've entered my accnt info into Skitch, and it says I'm logged in, but when I try to choose a notebook to save my captures to, I get a message telling me to enter my Evernote accnt info. I enter is *again* and I get the message saying the server refused connection from Skitch and I need to check my user and password settings. I've deleted the app and reinstalled with the same problem. I've also deleted my Evernote account from Skitch and reauthorized it. Same problem. Is there a solution to this? Thanks, Antonio
  3. I'll toss my hat in one this as well. The "upgrade" really is a downgrade. Features removed for the purpose of simplification. Big fail. I'll go and install the older version until this fiasco is dealt with. Antonio
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