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  1. I'd recommend looking at Notability, too. It's outstanding for PDF markup. Unfortunately, it doesn't have tags and doesn't have the same ability as Evernote for clipping webpages. It also doesn't offer OCR.
  2. I'm curious, also, why this was removed from the main edit screen. This, Apple Pencil support, and PDF markup make me wonder if EN is doing much Use Case analysis. It may work ok in a very basic note taking case, but much of this is supported by Apple's notes. Other use cases seem to be made more complex as time goes on. Bullets, etc. are VERY tedious. I take most of my notes in outline form, and the controversy regarding Evernote's handling of outlines suggests many others do as well. I agree with the OP, there is plenty of room in the iPad layout in particular. The delay makes me wonder if EN is really committed to meeting what appear to be common use cases.
  3. I've struggled, also, for a long time with Apple Pencil (and related) support in Evernote and tried to note it to them on more than one occasion. Stray marks are very common, and, unfortunately the marks are almost always grouped with the real markings I'm trying to make. I can't independently delete them. These stray marks do not happen in Notability and GoodNotes. Unfortunately, neither of these support tags at the moment. GoodNotes indicates they're working on it, though. Marks also get oddly smoothed by Evernote, which removes some of the details I'm trying to create. Most of my Apple Pencil work is on PDFs. The largest issue that I have is that if I make a bunch of marks on the PDF, don't save it and move to another app (or more likely a few), I'll lose everything I've done. Evernote isn't good at auto-saving a working draft. If the app gets kicked out of memory because you use a few apps, everything you've done to the PDF is lost. I also experience a surprising number of crashes while marking up PDFs. I've contacted support, but they seem unwilling to move forward unless I do a video recording of the screen, which currently requires the Mac to be tethered to the iPad for the process. Since it's also sporadic, this is really an unreasonable request. Most of my PDF markups are done in meetings, and I'm not going to start carrying around my Mac laptop so that I can debug EN's software. iOS 11 will allow screen recording without the Mac, but the sporadic nature means I'd been doing a lot of video processing. I'd also have to catch it on a non-confidential document. I'm hoping to see how Apple's notes works in iOS 11 and compare it to Notability and GoodNotes. I've canceled my subscription renewal. I'd strongly recommend you look at Notability, Good Notes, PDF Expert, or similar programs for better Apple Pencil support and PDF markup support.
  4. I'm curious why this was removed from the main edit screen. It is VERY tedious. I take most of my notes in outline form, and the controversy regarding Evernote's handling of outlines suggests many others do as well. I agree with the OP, there is plenty of room in the iPad layout in particular.
  5. We really need to see Evernote support full notebook encryption with key management and use limited to the client side (unless someone decides to access these notebooks from the web interface). With state hacking of personal and political committee email, hackers making their way into Yahoo twice, hackers gaining access to various retail outlets, hackers gaining access to the U.S. DOD security clearance application site a few years ago, and countless other events, we must assume that Evernote files are vulnerable to actors outside of the Evernote team -- even if we assume there is little or no vulnerability from internal actors. If the system is going to be a "second brain" or substantial repository of our thoughts, experiences, and other data, we need to have a better level of protection than currently afforded. Encryption using strong methods (AES-256, etc.) provides a much, much higher level of protection; though, this again is not a sure guarantee. There are organizations trying to defeat these standards as well.
  6. Thank you, TazUK, for raising this. I agree completely. Even if Evernote sincerely intends to keep notes private, the growth of Evernote and the material it contains likely makes it an interest to hackers who might love to access the notes some users keep in Evernote. Full notebook encryption where keys are handled only on the client device is critical. I would also like to see full database (all notes) encryption. This will likely disable some features for these notes including OCR unless Evernote would move this processing local. It would also complicate sharing; however, other users have proposed reasonable and practical options for allowing sharing of encrypted notes. I'd even be open to requiring all shared notes be unencrypted (with a warning). With the volume of information I keep in Evernote, I'm becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the exposure that offers me to hackers and others. I do believe Evernote works hard to keep their system secure. While this reduces risk, it comes far short of eliminating risk. I've even recently turned off the renewal of my annual premium subscription as I search for options that do provide better encryption options.
  7. I agree completely with these post. I'd love to see the PDF annotation capabilities enhanced to allow written annotations similar to Notability and other apps. I annotate PDFs frequently, and I'm currently searching for a solution in the absence of support from Evernote. I'm reluctant to move to another app as it means I'd probably be storing data in two different forms and systems. I like to have all my notes together, so I'm debating a complete move to another platform with disappointment I may have to use Evernote to access legacy work. Any recommendations from others struggling with this?
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