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  1. Hello all, I have been using the web version for 2 days straight. I think that's an excellent user interface providing perfect user experience! I could barely use the previous version because it was too slow. It used to hang every couple of seconds or hang for each action! Honestly, I hated the online version before that new beta version come out I like the way everything is so smooth, icons/buttons are nicely distributed. There are obvious clear area here and there, but I find that very acceptable. In a matter of fact, that's wonderful. I don't have to find my screen stuffed with lots of controls to be satisfied. In addition, my brain is more comfortable where white space is more present. I just have one suggestion (or bug report). Whenever I add a horizontal line, I find myself able to write within the line itself! It stretches and transforms into a text box (Do you really create the horizontal line using a text box with zero height? ). Yeah, You can write within the horizontal line itself! Overall impression: It's AWESOME guys. Keep up the good work.
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