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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this....works great on my Windows 11 system Now let's all hope Evernote actually takes the time to fix this issue and we won't need to keep doing this work-around 🤞
  2. Hi, Did you end up making a powershell script to automate this work-around fix? If so, could you please share it? It's annoying to do the steps manually each time Evernote pushes out an update (that completely ignores a fix for this issue.) I know it doesn't take that long to do it manually, but still, it'd be nice to have a little script to just run each time Evernote updates
  3. I did create a very detailed ticket, and included a dump file as well. They completely ignored it....not a single acknowledgement or reply.
  4. Renaming Evernote.exe to Evernote2.exe and then relaunching also seemed to have fixed the high / persistent CPU usage for me as well on my windows machine. I was seeing constant 5-10% of my 12-core Ryzen 9 CPU being used, even when app was idle / minimized. Renaming the .exe to Evernote2.exe seemed to fix the issue - so weird. Anyone know WHY this fixes the high CPU issue? DEVS...GET ON THIS - clearly more and more people are having this issue. My ticket I opened was completely and totally ignored.
  5. I am on Windows 10 and suddenly having the same CPU usage issue as well since the last few updates.... I have a 12-core AMD processor and the evernote process is consistently using 5% of the total available CPU power, even at idle / when minimized. Tried logging out / logging in, restarting the app, restarting pc, etc. The issue remains. I am on the newest version. Please let update here if you resolve this CPU usage issue. I also opened a support ticket with evernote, and included a log export. Hopefully we can figure this out
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