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  1. +1 to get this bug fixed. The most annoying thing here is that it impacts pretty much all Windows users for months and Evernote does not even communicate on a bug fix date. We feel a bit left alone.... <Rant>, <rant> 1 workaround is too use directly the tag filter icon but it kills the "Save your note once and find it later in the mess" idea. You now need to search at 1 place for text, then another place for tags.... Simplicity, where did you go?
  2. Hi, As Mshparber, I m a huge fan of Evernote. I open it dozens of time a day. Can t live without it for my personal and business life. I am looking for some ways of improving the "capturing note" experience though. I tried penultimate but it has very low feature IMO. Notability seems to adress my needs in a much better way; handwriting without a pen on a tablet can t be done without a decent zoom feature. Evernote/Penultimate team, is it on your roadmap?
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