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  1. I use Skitch all the time, and I'm also a fan of keyboard shortcuts. So when I'm done using Skitch, I hit CMD + H to hide Skitch. This used to work fine. However, with 2.0, when I hide Skitch and then hit CMD + SHIFT + 5 to snap a screenshot, Skitch becomes unhidden right in the middle of where I'm trying to take a screenshot. I have to stop, hit escape, then minimize Skitch again to take the screenshot. Can this be fixed? Is this something else I should be doing? I guess I could be hitting CMD + M instead, but hiding is so much faster (you don't get that distracting animation). I end up with a lot of screenshots looking like the attached image.
  2. Evan G

    mac Skitch 2.0 - Mac

    I have to echo these comments: Every time I try to upload by dragging from skitch to the file upload dialog, it fails the first 1-3 times and then finally works. It's horrible. And the image titles don't suck in the title of the window anymore! Every screenshot is just called a bland "Screenshot 9/24 11:13 pm" etc.
  3. Evan G

    mac Skitch 2.0 - Mac

    I've been a Skitch user since 2007-2008, and I've gotten dozens of people to start using Skitch in the past five years. As a long-time user and fervent Skitch fan, I'm really disappointed with this update. Skitch has become harder to use, more cumbersome and very difficult to adjust to. Here's why: 1. Everything takes more steps! I get that you were going after simplicity and ripped out some features, so why did you make simply flows so much harder? For example, taking a screenshot used to take nothing but hitting Shift + Command + 5 and then clicking and dragging the mouse. Now, I have to do that, but I also get this stupid resizing dialog. Not only is this really annoying and a huge slowdown in taking screenshots, but it also makes taking screenshots of any movement, video or animation incredibly difficult! I have to start the motion, hit Shift + Command + 5 and THEN get the timing right on the following resizing dialog. The other key flow is sharing. I used to take a screenshot, hit Command + Enter and then bam, I had a URL I could share! Now, I can't seem to figure out how to use the keyboard to share an image and/or get the URL copied to the clipboard. Is there any way to do this? I've searched around Google and Skitch.com quite a bit and can't seem to find any. The combination of these two new additions to the capture/sharing flow is really disappointing, and it's making sharing images with others much slower. 2. I have no choice over the format of export! I used to switch between JPG and PNG frequently, and even between JPG quality settings frequently. Now all images are exported at .png, as far as can tell. That's really disappointing, because those files can get really big. 3. Resizing is pretty confusing, and was much simpler in Skitch 1.0. When I'm resizing a photo, it feels natural to drag to resize. When I knew the precise dimensions, I could hit "Resize" previously and type them in. Now, I only have the choice of this artibrary slider? It feels both imprecise and completely disconnected from the actual resizing action. At least there's a keyboard shortcut to access it, but jeez. This is just a terrible change, and it's hard to see how it's an improvement. On the bright side, at least Command and "+" or "-" let me zoom in and out. Definitely not worth that trade though. 4. As you have to search based on the title of the image, I was really confused how to change the title at all. I used to change the title pretty frequently so I could easily find the image later. Took me more than a minute of hunting to figure out that you can click and edit the title name near the top left of the Skitch window. The cursor should at least change when hovering over that text! 5. The new version is just full of bugs. For example, often when I use Shift + Command + 5, the Skitch window doesn't go away and gets in the middle of the screenshot! https://www.evernote...0b90bccfecdd24. And loading in old Skitch 1.x files and trying to sync them results in constant crashes. Skitch has probably crashed 15-20 times trying to import 1,000 old Skitch files. I really hope that you guys listen to your users and fix this situation. I'm pretty close to switching back to 1.x. - Evan
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