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  1. I have to echo these comments: Every time I try to upload by dragging from skitch to the file upload dialog, it fails the first 1-3 times and then finally works. It's horrible. And the image titles don't suck in the title of the window anymore! Every screenshot is just called a bland "Screenshot 9/24 11:13 pm" etc.
  2. I've been a Skitch user since 2007-2008, and I've gotten dozens of people to start using Skitch in the past five years. As a long-time user and fervent Skitch fan, I'm really disappointed with this update. Skitch has become harder to use, more cumbersome and very difficult to adjust to. Here's why: 1. Everything takes more steps! I get that you were going after simplicity and ripped out some features, so why did you make simply flows so much harder? For example, taking a screenshot used to take nothing but hitting Shift + Command + 5 and then clicking and dragging the mouse. Now, I have to do
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