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  1. Hi josh_works Works great. Even purports to record GIFs but this doesn't work for me (if you need GIFs LICEcap is excellent and super slim). Everything else about Annotate is dope. Thanks for the suggestion. Bye, skitch. Anyone know a good replacement for Evernote
  2. I cannot emphasise enough how disappointing it is Evernote that you are not supporting Skitch. I rely on this tool as part of my Evernote paid subscription. It is, in fact, one of the core reasons for being a subscriber to Evernote. You have historically not supported this awesome product very well and this is just another example of your lack of commitment to this too. Didn't you purchase Stich 1.0? Then you "updated" it which was already, in many people's opinion, a step backwards, and now it doesn't work. Please please please fix this asap.
  3. Skitch WAS awesome, unique and did 99% of what I wanted it to do (all I wanted was a dashed line option and I would have been happy). Why would you, evernote, do this to an awesome app? Did you bother to ask any of you PAYING customers? Seriously... WTF? Going back to v1.0.
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